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Why Gamble? Order Local!

“I can’t thank Poplarville Floral enough for the beautiful flowers my brother and sister-in-law received. I tried to go through [online floral retailer] but had to do a $100 order to get them delivered. So, I took a chance and ordered local. I will be ordering Christmas arrangements from this shop in the future.” – Dorothy Tasker

“So, I took a chance and ordered local…”

When did buying flowers from your local florist become a gamble? In the not so distant past, ordering from your local florist was the only way to order flowers. Most people knew where the nearest florist was located and knew they could rely on that florist for beautiful arrangements.

Now, we have become entrenched in the age of technology and convenience. Which is perfectly fine, except most consumers do not realize what they are missing when they order flowers from a big name online retailer.

Ordering from your local florist can eliminate disappointment.
Your local florist knows what flowers they have on hand, and if they can make the arrangement of your dreams. If they don’t have the particular flowers you’re looking for, they’ll know what flowers might be similar and can create the look you are wanting. They can also give you guidance on what scent the flowers might have, as well as texture. If you visit the shop in person, your florist can even show you the flowers.

Floral design is more than an online catalog.
Don’t get us wrong, the designs found on a floral website can be beautiful. But a florist can do so much more than what you see in those pictures. Most florists will have a portfolio for you to look at, or can create something one-of-a-kind and completely custom!

Support you community. Support yourself.
Shop local. Buy local. Shop small. You’ve probably heard these more than once, and wondered why it was such a big deal. Shopping local not only improves the economy in your neighborhood, but also improves the economy for yourself. This comes in the form of community improvements from tax revenue.

You’re paying for more than flowers.
An arrangement from your local florist will save you more than money. You will cultivate an important relationship with your florist and community. Your local florist also has invaluable information. Some of this knowledge includes the locations of important floral occasions (funerals, weddings, hospital locations, and proms), what flowers are in season, and proper flower care.

When you order from a local florist, your flowers will be delivered in a timely manner, in a vase, or beautifully wrapped and hand-tied; not in a box. Each stem will be delicately and purposefully placed. The florist will make sure that whomever you are sending flowers to will receive a high quality arrangement made with pride. So, the next time you choose to send flowers, take a chance. Order local.

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