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Why Men Should Give Women Flowers

There is a kind of unspoken controversy over men giving women flowers. On one hand, you make the woman happy, on the other it could seem like you have ulterior motives. So, why should men give women flowers?

Penelope Trunk recently posted an article on her blog outlining several good reasons to give flowers:

1. Flowers Make The Giver Happy

This is so true. Flowers never fail to put a smile on the face of the giver and givee.

2. People think you are smarter if you’re a guy who gives flowers.

Believe it or not, studies show by sending flowers it gives the impression you a much more caring and emotionally intelligent.

3. You will be a better manager.

As she points out, not every bouquet means ‘I love you.’ You can send a bouquet of congratulations flowers for a job well done, or even use flowers to increase productivity by lowering stress and anxiety.

All of these are very good points that I’m sure all females would agree upon, but I still hear men arguing in the background! So for those unconvinced…

Listen up guys, when is it ever wrong to see your lady smile? It is never a bad thing to make the person you love happy and sending flowers always does the trick! If you think flowers are just a cliche gift without any spontaneity then you, my friend, are doing it wrong! Give gifts for reasons she wouldn’t expect.

Flower Arrangements For Men

Flower Arrangements For Men

For instance – a friend of mine’s husband was leaving on a trip, and she was not looking forward to coming home from work to find an empty house. Instead, when she opened the door there sat a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. Not only had her hubby made her happy, she also did not feel as lonely as she would have without them. Not only was this spontaneous it showed he was really thinking about her.

There are so many reasons to give flowers … even if it is just a couple of stems you picked up at your local florist … they can really turn a bad Monday into a happy occasion with one simple gesture.

But you know, ladies, men aren’t the only ones who are skeptical about sending flowers. Guys enjoy getting them just as much as we do! (Though they may not admit it) Many florists offer dish gardens or garden planters. These are neat little containers with everything you need to keep a tiny desk garden at your office – men love these … (Much more manly than roses … )

There are so many reasons to give the gift of flowers and plants for men and women. So next time you are looking for something to cheer up your loved one, you know the perfect gift!

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