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Why Your Mom Deserves Flowers

We always send flowers for Mother’s Day but sometimes we tend to forget the reason behind the gift. You mom is special and it is important to think about why your mom deserves to be recognized. Consider these reasons when ordering your flowers this year.

She raised you
Raising a child never ends. Your mom went through pregnancy, the infant stage, the toddler stage, elementary years, the dreaded teenage years and your young adult life. When your mom gave birth she committed to raising you and her unwavering dedication deserves to be praised.

She has made sacrifices for you
Every mom knows that sacrifices have to be made for their children. Whether it’s losing sleep, working longer hours or carpooling friends to soccer games, your mom has continually given up her wants for yours.

She loves you unconditionally
During the hardest times and the best times your mom is always there for you. Her love isn’t circumstantial and she has held your hand through some of the toughest decisions. This type of love is rare and should be highly valued.

She is your biggest fan
Your mom is always going to accept you no matter what. She wants to see you succeed in life and does everything she can to give you the best. She is truly your best friend and biggest fan.

She deserves to be recognized
Your mom has raised you, sacrificed for you, loved you unconditionally and has been your biggest fan, but she rarely received any recognition for the things she has done. You mom deserves a special gift to know that you appreciate her love and devotion.

Take some time to write out why you think your mom deserves flowers. Then put all of your thoughts down into a card. When your mom receives her Mother’s Day flowers and reads the many reasons why you love her, she will feel so special!

It’s also important to pick out flowers that your mom will love. Think about your moms favorite colors and browse through some of our Mother’s Day arrangements!

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