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To Wire or Not To Wire? That Is The Question

Ask The Expert: I am helping a friend with her wedding flowers and need some advise.  She wants a cascading bouquet hand tied  and made up from Phalaenopis orchids. She is getting married in Jan so it will be cold. We had intended to use around 8 stems and placing the longest at the bottom for the length and build up with the other stems to the sides and getting shorter as we go. After reading comments left here we now need to know if it is necessary to wire the heads? –Jayne

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: It is not necessary to wire your Phalaenopis orchids when using the whole stem in the cascading bouquet. If the stems of your orchids have great flowers, you might be able to use them whole. If you need more flower heads to make the bouquet fuller, you can wire in more flowers. If you DO wire the flowers in, make sure you leave this step until the very last.

To wire a Phalaenopis orchid, it’s suggest to use the hairpin wiring method and 24-26 gauge wire. Use a U-shaped, floral-taped wire for the Phalaenopis where the wire is positioned under the orchid’s throat. Add a wet cotton ball to the end of the stem then pull both ends down parallel to the stem and wrap in floral tape. This will provide the needed moisture for the flowers. Many florists recommend finishing it off with Crowning Glory floral spray to slow the deterioration and browning of your flowers and prolong freshness. Good luck!

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