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Woman Disappointed With Flower Order

Suzanne Bradish ordered a bunch of spring flowers from Sainsbury’s to brighten up her home, and was sent 100g of spring onions instead, according to a delivery note she tweeted Monday.

Sadly, Bradish’s boyfriend wasn’t aware she’d ordered flowers so he happily took the delivery without returning the onions.

Suzanne shared her misfortune on Twitter and others were quick to sympathize with her, adding their own tales of disappointment.


This story Mashable published about Suzanne is a perfect example of why ordering flowers from real local florists is the most reliable option. Local florists can be trusted to deliver what you need without any surprising disappointments.

If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons why you should order from local florists.

  • Local florists will take the time to ask questions about what you’re looking for, offer expert advice and suggest floral gifts to match any sentiment, occasion, personality or home decor.
  • Local florists will carry quality products, provide floral food with each purchase and offer instructions for proper care to provide maximum enjoyment.
  • Lastly, local florists will take the time to get to know you, keep track of your floral preferences and send reminders of upcoming special occasions.

This type of personal care and attention to detail can only be found in local florists. Head over to our floral directory to find a trusted local florist near you.

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