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Want To Know Your Birth Month Flower?

Regardless of the month you were born, there is a birth month flower for you. Birth month flowers are not like zodiac flowers which correspond to a particular sign, each of which crosses two months. Birth month flowers are fun flowers assigned to a particular calendar month. They’re all the rage given to zodiac flowers, and none of the astrology.

If you’re sending flowers to someone who is very traditional, birth month flowers are a more appropriate choice for her gift. Birth month flowers also provide a chance to send a unique gift with a fun, festive twist. Ready to find out what your birth month flowers are? Check them out.

Birth Month Flowers – January through December:

  • January – Carnations or snowdrops (Colors:  black, dark blue or red)
  • February – Violet or primrose (Colors:  violet, sky blue or yellow)
  • March – Daffodil or jonquil (Colors:  white or light blue)
  • April – Daisy or sweet pea (Colors:  yellow, red and colorless)
  • May -Lily of the Valley or hawthorn (Colors:  yellow, red and green)
  • June – Rose or honeysuckle (Colors:  light blue, white and cream)
  • July – Larkspur or water lily (Colors: green, russet and red)
  • August – Gladiolas or poppy (Colors: orange, red and light green)
  • September – Aster or morning glory (Colors: brown, deep blue)
  • October – Calendula or cosmos (Colors: white, yellow and varied)
  • November -Chrysanthemum (Colors: dark blue, red and yellow)
  • December –  Narcissus or holly (Colors: indigo, green, greenish blue)

See how fun birth month flowers can be? With each of them having their own flower colors as well, the combinations are endless. Your friend or loved one will love such a unique gift with special meaning. It’s different. It’s awesome. It’s fun. It’s fanciful. It’s yours to be had when you contact your local florist.

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