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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Capricorn

Zodiac Signs and Flowers

Capricorn season is all about determination. As we enter the new year, most people take on a few traits of the Goats (as they are referred to), hustling to kick off the new year with focused intention. To motivate¬†your Capricorn friends, we’ve got a few ideas of flowers that best fit their personalities!

Facts about Capricorn

As mentioned earlier, people born under the sign of Capricorn are known for their determination, ambition, conservative beliefs, practical and helpful approach. They are smart and hardworking individuals that are 100% in control of their destiny. They get what they want when they want. Stubborn at times, they take no for an answer for they know that what they envision is fully attainable. They are loyal friends and lovers.

Flowers for Capricorns

The official flowers of Capricorns are the Pansy and African Violet. The colors of this sign are black and indigo, so if you don’t really know what your Capricorn¬†friend likes, send them flowers in shades that are deep and not so vibrant. This would be the perfect fit for their personality!

Capricorn Flowers

Capricorn Plants

Keep in mind that these are only ideas of which flowers and plants most match the Capricorn personality. Remember that every person is unique, and if you already know what they like, definitely follow your instincts. Call your local florist today and surprise them with fresh blooms!

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  1. Any ideas for Leo’s?

  2. Miroslava Casiano says:

    Hi Francesca! Leo’s looooove attention! They are passionate, loving, and extremely proud of themselves. So, if you’re thinking about sending flowers to a Leo, definitely go for a colorful arrangement, sunflowers, even red roses. Just make sure the arrangement is more on the bigger side, they’ll love that!

  3. Why is the article only about Capricorns when it’s titled “Zodiac Signs and Flowers?” Was just curious. Was kinda wanting the same type of article about Leo’s, as well.

  4. Miroslava Casiano says:

    Hi! This is a series of articles focusing on the flowers we believe are the best match for each zodiac sign. We started with Capricorn because their birthdays are from December 21st to January 21st. The next zodiac sign will be Aquarius! But we are definitely going to be writing about Leo’s and their fiery personalities! :)

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