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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Sagittarius

If you’re wanting a fun and bold sidekick to join you on spontaneous adventures, find yourself a Sagittarius! Sagittarians will go basically anywhere with you, and they’ll also be there for you emotionally because they are very caring.

Interesting Facts About Sagittarians

Sagittarians are born between November 22nd and December 21st. Freedom is one of the most important things to Sagittarians, so don’t ever try to take that away from them. They’re also very honest and pride themselves on speaking their mind, but some may see their honesty as crude and hurtful, but they mean no harm.

Element: Fire

Sagittarians in Love: Since Sagittarians are adventurous and inconsistent, you most likely won’t be in a relationship with one for long. But while you are, it will be one fun and WILD ride! And you won’t ever have to worry about whether you need to have small talk or a deep conversation, a Sagittarian will enjoy having any kind of conversation with you.

Strengths: Honest, Self-sufficient, Open-minded, Intellectual

Weaknesses: Careless, Inconsistent, Tactless

Famous Sagittarians: Jamie Foxx, Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Hudges

Colors: Blue, Purple, Plum, Cream

The Perfect Flowers for Sagittarians

Carnations are beautiful and strong, which is why it’s the birth flower of a Sagittarian. Since Sagittarians are spontaneous, they would LOVE if you surprised them with one of the beautiful bouquets below.


If none of the bouquets above seem fitting for your Sagittarian friend, you can always visit our website and browse through all the other beautiful arrangements.Find Florist

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