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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Scorpio

With their emotionally driven personality, Scorpios bring an intense and mysterious component to every relationship. Here are some ideas for finding the most fitting bouquet for any Scorpio!

Interesting Facts About Scorpios

Anyone born between October 23rd and November 21st is a Scorpio. They can be described as people who are fierce and tend to be great leaders because of how dedicated they are. Do not ever doubt a Scorpio because they will do whatever they have to do to prove you wrong.

Element: Water

Scorpios in Love: Scorpios bring all the emotions to relationships. Many people fall in love with the mysterious charm of a Scorpio, but Scorpios are hardly fazed by the attention. Scorpios take their time in choosing the right person for them, but once they choose, they fall in deeply in love. You can depend on a Scorpio being devoted and faithful in a relationship. So if you’re ready for all the emotions and jealousy of a passionate and driven person, then date a Scorpio!

Strengths: Passionate, Driven, Perceptive, Courageous

Weaknesses: Possessive, Jealous, Destructive, Aggressive

Famous Scorpios: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone

Colors: Blood Red, Magenta, Violet, Black

The Perfect Flowers for Scorpios

Geraniums are the perfect flowers for Scorpios! However, any kind of flowers that are a dark shade of red or pink, such as magenta or burgundy, will make a Scorpio more than happy! Add even more mystery to a Scorpio’s life by surprising them with one of these bouquets!


Although these are the perfect bouquets for Scorpios, everyone has different preferences. Check out the link below to explore even more options of beautiful and mysterious looking bouquets!


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