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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Virgo

Do you know someone who is a perfectionist, is intelligent, and has a very kind heart? Sounds like you’re friends with a Virgo! Virgos can come off as very shy at first, but once their trust is earned, an incredible, lifelong friendship is created. Here are some ways that will help you establish that forever friendship with a Virgo.

Interesting Facts About Virgos

Anyone born between August 23rd and September 22nd is considered a Virgo. Since Virgos are perfectionists, they have a strong hatred for laziness. They expect the same amount of effort and perfection from others as they do from themselves. So if you’re wanting to impress a Virgo, be prepared to put in work!

Element: Earth

Virgos in Love: When it comes to love, Virgos are patient and picky. They would rather be single than to settle for someone that does not meet their standards. When deciding where to take a Virgo for a date, make sure it involves food! Food is the key to their heart. Also, be patient and give them time to open up to you. They will not necessarily tell you how they feel, but they will show you through all that they do for you.

Strengths: Humble, Logical, Organized, Modest, Devoted, Responsible

Weaknesses: Overly Critical, Obsessive, Perfectionist, Uptight

Famous Virgos: Zendaya, Cameron Dallas, Beyonce, Nick Jonas, Kobe Bryant

Colors: Green, White, Royal Blue, Yellow

The Perfect Flowers for Virgos

Since Virgos are shy and modest, yet wise and witty, a daisy is the perfect flower to represent their sign. Here are some lighthearted and wildflower-like arrangements to brighten your favorite Virgo’s day!


These flower arrangements are perfect for any Virgo! However, if you think the Virgo you have in mind might like something else, there are TONS of other beautiful options. Visit our website to browse through a wide variety of bouquets!

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