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A Bounty Of Gift Basket Ideas

October 15th, 2007 | By: Kelly Curtis

Gourmet & Fruit Gift Basket
Are you aware that flower shops offer more than just flowers? Need a gift, but in a time crunch? Have your florist make a fruit or gourmet gift basket for you. Florists offer gourmet and custom gift baskets in addition to their other services. They can incorporate delectable treats with flowers or plants to create a one-of-a-kind gift basket with little effort on your part. If you can imagine it, a florist can create it.

A gift basket is another way to express your feelings. In fact, a gift basket doesn’t even have to be an actual wicker basket. A baby bathtub can be filled will a rubber ducky, baby rattles and baby booties, along with some bibs and blankets for a great expectant mom gift. If you’re giving the gift prior to the birth, add some soothing bath salts for the mom, so she can soak her tootsies in it before the baby comes. Many florists carry a variety of baby gifts; discuss this gift basket idea with them and your gift delivery will be easier than the expectant mom’s.

Need to send a thank you to your neighbor for collecting your mail and watching your house while you were gone on vacation? Have a florist deliver a square red wood veneer tray; filled with a mellow merlot wine, a light chardonnay, chocolates, divinely tasty cheeses, garlic crackers and a cheese knife you picked up from your vacation. Your neighbor will enjoy this cheese and wine gift basket so much they will ask when your next vacation will be. If your florist isn’t able to deliver wine send a beautiful blooming plant or lovely bouquet as a substitute.

Have a friend who needs an escape from daily stress? Send them a relaxing luxurious spa gift basket overflowing with aromatherapy candles, a soothing music CD, along with a calming bubble bath and luscious body lotion. Your florist can even slip in a decadent chocolate treat. This gift basket delivery this will brighten anyone’s day!

With its healthy antioxidant benefits, a basket of tea is another great gift basket idea. Send a tea gift basket to a family member who’s a bit under the weather. In fact by using 4 box sizes, one can create a lovely gift basket. Choose a box large enough to include a mini-tea pot with matching cup. In another slightly smaller box add assorted teas: chamomile, white tea, green tea and Earl Grey. Place a small box of their favorite cookies in the 3rd smallest box. In the final box, place a small jar of honey. Stack the boxes on top of each other and wrap tightly with some ribbon. This gift will certainly clear up the weather. Check with your florist for unique herbal teas and accessories.

Need to give your golfer boss a gift? A golf gift basket is a wonderful gift idea and works really well if you have co-workers that want to chip in for the gift. Choose a large round tin, as the gift basket container, so that when emptied it can be used as a golf ball holder. Fill the tin with golf balls, golf tees, golf club cookies, a few bottles of premium bottled water and any other goodies you and your florist can think of. Florists can also create this type of theme gift basket for hunters, fishermen or any other sport.

Surprise your love with a picnic gift basket. Using a two-handle basket lined with a small table cloth, add a set of plates, gourmet cheese, a cheese knife and crackers, along with grapes and your love’s favorite wine or beverage. Your florist can also add a lovely bouquet of sunflowers or gerbera daisies to the basket. Write a simple note asking your love to meet you in the nearest park, tuck it in with all the other items and enjoy!

The great thing about a gift basket is it doesn’t have to be a basket at all; you can use baby bathtubs, wire baskets, boxes and any other type of container to hold the gifts you wish to give. Gift baskets have been around for ages, but with a modern twist, the gift basket now incorporates many styles of containers to wrap and transport gifts. After the gifts have been enjoyed so can the container. The gift basket isn’t just discarded like gift wrap and a paper box, but becomes an appreciated gift, along with the goodies it contains.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, a gift basket can express any feeling you need to convey. From a graduation gift basket with gift certificates and snacks for the grad to use while at college … to a simple apology basket … to a warmhearted, thank you gift basket, a gift basket can say it all.

Florists are artists with flowers and foliage, and it is equally easy for them to create a gift basket that is unique, special and creative. Share your gift basket needs with a florist and let them create a wonderful basket full of inspiration and artistic expression.

Contributor: Leigh Morrisett

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