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Handsome Father’s Day Flowers

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Dads can be hard to shop for, but we’ve got the perfect gifts! Check out our top picks for Father’s Day: [Read more…]

Holiday Highlight: Father’s Day

On the third Sunday of June, there’s an extra-special reason to celebrate Dad! Father’s Day is the perfect time to give dad something he’ll love. Keep reading to learn more about the history and the best gifts for your father.

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June Birth Flower: Rose

It’s always a great idea to send flowers as a birthday gift, and in June you can’t go wrong with roses. As one of the most popular flowers to send worldwide, roses are available in all kinds of colors and styles that make them a perfect fit for anyone. Learn more about what makes roses so special:

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The Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Your mom might tell you not to get her anything, but we all know she’ll love getting a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers! With Mother’s Day only a few weeks away, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite mom-approved bouquets just for you! [Read more…]

Holiday Highlight: Mother’s Day

Mothers should be celebrated every day, but on the second Sunday in May, we have a day dedicated to nothing but mom. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to send mom something special! Keep reading to learn more about its history and the best flower choices to send your mom.

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May Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

Each month of the year has its own dedicated flower to represent those who were born during that month. The official birth flower of May is a delicate, sweetly-scented bloom called the Lily of the Valley. Learn more about its history, meaning, and some interesting facts below: [Read more…]

Unique Wedding Floral Décor

Flowers have always been a big part of weddings! From bridal bouquets to boutonnieres to petals on the aisle, wedding flowers are something everyone loves to see. But what are some other ways you can incorporate flowers into your wedding decor? Check out some of our favorite wedding floral ideas: [Read more…]

Fresh & Fragrant Easter Flowers

Easter is almost here! Add some gorgeous fresh flowers to your decor this Easter season! Fresh and fragrant, these bouquets are sure to stun and brighten your holiday festivities. [Read more…]

Holiday Highlight: Administrative Professionals Day

Every April, we celebrate the accomplishments and importance of the people who keep the office running smoothly on Administrative Professionals Day. Keep reading to learn more about the history and the best flowers to send for the occasion!

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April Birth Flower: Daisy

Flowers are a great gift to send someone on their birthday, and in the month of April, you can’t go wrong by sending daisies! As the official birth flower for the month, daisies are a bright and fun way to let someone know you’re thinking of them on their special day. Learn more about what makes daisies so special: [Read more…]