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Ask The Plant Expert: What kind of plant is this?

Dear Plant Expert:


What kind of plant is this?



Plant Expert Reply:


I think it’s a Pepperomia orba.

Thank you for your submission.


Jamie Jamison Adams

Ask the Expert: What Type of Plant is This and How Do I Care for It?

Ask the Expert: I got this from a funeral and no type of description or care instructions were included I would like to know how to care for it. Thank you.

Anthurim - Flamingo FlowerPlant Expert Reply:


The plant is one of the members of the genus Anthurium and is commonly called Flamingo Flowers. I am not sure which species of Anthurium it is. These make wonderful houseplants because they can tolerate low light levels. However, they do need a humid environment. So, misting them everyday with lukewarm water is a must.
You can find more information about Anthurium Water & Fertilizer Requirements on the Bloomin Blog. If you are interested learning what issues others have had with Anthurium, we have several posts on the blog that might be helpful.
Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

“Janet Craig” Dracaena ID and Care Instructions

Ask the Expert: what type of plant is this?

I just purchased this plant and I would like to know what it is so I can keep it living. :) Please help, Angel.

Janet Craig Dracaena - Dracaean fragrans

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Is This Plant A Billbergia?

Ask the Expert: What is this plant?

I have been searching several websites trying to find out what this plant is. It blooms only once a year around Jan.-Feb. the leaves are a little prickly. I take it outdoors in the summer. I live in Ohio. Gloria

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks like the plant is blooming. Can you send me a better picture of the bloom? I think this is some type of Bromeliaceae, but I need to see a picture of the bloom.

Gloria’s Reply:

This is a picture of the flowers. Thanks for your help.

Plant Expert Reply:

Thank you for the picture of the bloom. I believe the plant belongs to the family Bromeliaceae and the genus Billbergia. However I am not sure which species. I will place you question and pictures on the blog to see if any of the readers can identify the plant.

I love plant identification questions like this one — where I need a little help from our readers.

So if anyone has a better identification of the plant or knows the species of the plant, PLEASE place your identification or other information in the comments section below.

What Is This Speckled Houseplant?

Ask The Plant Expert:

I received this plant from a friend. She has no idea what it is and I can’t seem to find it anywhere :(

Scilla Drimiopsis Maculata Scilla Drimiopsis Maculata

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

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Help! What Is This Plant?

Ask The Plant Expert:

A friend gave me this plant in a plastic bag. And I have no idea how to care for her. I can say she is a very strong plant. -Stacey

Plant Leaves Plant Stalk

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What Is This Houseplant?

Ask The Plant Expert: “Hi, my names is James. I have a plant in my house and I would like you to identify it. I have attached a photo.”

Type of Philodendron

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What Is This Purple Spotted Plant In My Dish Garden?

Ask The Plant Expert: “Need to identify the plant with green leaves and darker green or purple spots in this dish garden.” – Karen

What Is The Spotted Plant In This Dish Garden

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

In this dish garden, the plant you are referring to is a Prayer Plant, or Maranta leuconeura. There is another type of common houseplant that looks similar to this called Calathea. Both of these are in the Marantaceae family, and are common in dish gardens and as house plants. Hope this helps!

What’s The Name of These Plants?

Ask The Plant Expert: What’s the name of these plants? -Abid

Plant #97 - Dracaena Plant #87 - Sansevieria trifasciate Plant #79 - ? Plant #114 - Zingiberaceae

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


  • Plant 97 (pictured first) looks like a type of Dracaena. However, I can’t tell exactly which species from this photo.
  • Plant 87 (pictured 2nd) is a Sansevieria trifasciate. I love this plant. I have two huge pots of these wonderful plants. Mine has even bloomed in the passed. Although the flower isn’t really much to speak of.
  • Plant 79 (pictured 3rd) is hard to identify from the picture. Do you know if the plant was started from a seed — if so what did it look like? Or, was it taken from a cutting from a mother plant?  It looks like it is in decline. Do you know if the leaves had more color than what they are showing in the picture?
  • Plant 114 (pictured 4th) looks like something from the Zingiberaceae family maybe something from the genus Hedychium. If you could tell me a little more about where the plant was found, I might be able to make a better identification.

Hope this helps.

What Is This Succulent With Hot Pink Flowers?

Ask the Expert:

Can you identify this plant? It likes sun.. The flowers are bright pink –Phyllis

Pink Flowering Plant - Aptenia cordifolia variegata

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