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Flowers & Plants for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and what better way to express your appreciation for the remarkable mother figure in your life than with a beautiful bouquet or a lively plant? With their long-standing symbolism of love and beauty, flowers are a perfect medium to convey your feelings on Mother’s Day.

For the Mother Who Loves Peach

The color peach symbolizes compassion and kindness. Peach flowers remind us that our mothers provide unconditional support as they listen to our needs and guide our everyday lives. The roses in these arrangements represent love, beauty, and passion, resembling a mother’s love for her children.

For the Mother Who Loves Purple

Purple has a variety of meanings, including wisdom and pride. As we all know, mothers know what is best for their children with their acquired knowledge. The purple carnations in these arrangements symbolize gratitude and love, which resonate with a mother’s nurturing and selfless love.

For the Mother Who Loves Yellow

Yellow is a fun color that symbolizes joy and happiness, just like a mother’s love. The color yellow symbolizes a mother’s nurturing care for her kids. The gerberas in these arrangements symbolize happiness and positive energy, embodying yellow and reflecting a mother’s bond.

For the Mother Who Loves Plants

Not all moms want flowers for Mother’s Day! Plants can represent peace and bring comfort to your mother’s home. A plant is a gift she will see daily, reminding her of your love and appreciation.

Consider surprising your mom with the color or flower that represents her most this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a rose, carnation, or plant, the sentiment behind your choice will surely touch her heart. Find a local florist near your mother today!

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