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Scam Alert: Domain Name Registration Scam

Scam AlertBe aware of this scam! We have gotten several phone calls in the last two days from florists who received a fake invoice for a domain name renewal through the mail. Florists are also receiving phone calls requesting payments.

Florists with FSN websites, as well as those without, need to pay close attention to any bill they receive, especially concerning their web domain or hosting. If it looks different or you notice anything unusual, contact your service provider and ask if it is a legitimate bill before paying.

If you have an FSN website, FSN maintains and renews your domain. You should never get a renewal request asking for money.

One florist sent us a copy of one of these fake bills. They have gone out of their way to make sure it looks real, including business information, fake account number and more. However, if you read closely you will see it says, “This is not a bill. This is a solicitation. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated above unless you accept this offer.”

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Friday Florist Recap 11/2 – 11/8: Fall Colors

Fall in all it’s splendor is officially here in full bloom, as you can see from today’s floral recap! We have beautiful sunflowers, gorgeous autumn hues, fall mums and so much more! Florists from all across the country and beyond have blown us away once again with their beautiful and creative designs! Check it out!

Wedding Flowers

Red and Yellow Bride's Bouquet by Monday Morning Flowers

Lovely sunflowers mixed with deep red roses from Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. in Princeton, NJ

“Had to share this one, such fun Fall Bridal Bouquets – perfect for November.”

Pink and Purple Bride's Bouquet by Hobby Hill Florist

Perfectly matching pinks and vibrant purples in this bride’s bouquet by Hobby Hill Florist in Sebring, FL.

“I used veronica, stock, scabiosa, delphinium, etc… for this colorful bridesmaid’s bouquet.[Read more…]

Happy Halloween From FSN!

At Flower Shop Network, we never let a day of fun and entertainment pass us by! This Halloween is no different, and we had quite a few people participate in our annual costume contest. From pop culture to historically hilarious, high brow to powerfully pun-y, we pulled out all the stops! Scroll on down to see the hordes of insanity invading the FSN halls!

Flower Shop Network Logo

No, that’s not a man with pipe-cleaners growing out of his face. It’s an extremely hairy FSN logo! Excellent costume, Kier!

photo 3

Cookies and candy. Does it get any deader, I mean better, than this?

photo 3

Hulk Hogan AND Wolverine? Wow, not sure one post can handle so much machismo. THAT’S JUST CRAZY, BROTHER! [Read more…]

Feeling Romantic? Send Your Sweetie a Rustic-Rose Fall Arrangement!

Rustic Roses For Fall RomanceSpring isn’t the only season for romance. Fall is the perfect time to show your sweetie how much you care. The weather’s turning cold — time for cuddling under blankets and sipping hot cocoa. Start the mood off right by bringing home a bunch of rustic roses!

Roses are the traditional gift of romance and can make any occasion seem much more special. Starting your night of cuddling, cocoa and movies off with roses creates the perfect mood for romance. Sometimes the simplest nights are our favorite times spent with others.

For days to come your sweetheart can enjoy this beautiful token of love and be reminded of a special evening the two of you shared together. Roses are a great flower to press and create a keepsake for everlasting memories.

This fall, create a little romance with rustic fall roses. Whether it’s a bouquet bunch or a professionally designed arrangement, flowers make any occasion a special occasion.

Remember, always always always go to your local florists for flowers. You’ll get quality, long-lasting flowers and help your community all at the same time! Your florist will also be able to choose the most fitting selection of flowers for your occasion and budget.

Winter Wedding Flowers, Foliages & Accessories

White Winter Wedding CenterpieceWhen most people think of a wedding bouquet, they instantly think of red roses or brightly colored flowers bunched together. You might even think of white lilies or callas. But what about a winter wedding? What flowers come to your mind? Sure, with today’s technology, most flowers are available year-round, but if you’re planning a wedding for the winter, why not add a touch of the season (as well as traditions) to your wedding decor?

Winter Wedding Flowers

  • Agapanthus – firework-like flower available in a wide range of colors.
  • Amaryllis – very large, winter-blooming flower.
  • Anemone – unique flower with dark center disks.
  • Brunia – ball-like flower; beautiful in silver.
  • Calla Lily – elegant flower available in almost any color.
  • Carnation – the new variations of carnations are absolutely beautiful.
  • Dahlia – available in many sizes and colors.
  • Eryngium – also known as Sea Holly, is a blue, star-like flower.
  • Freesia – heavenly fragrance and wide range of colors.
  • Hyacinth – highly fragrant; symbol of spring.
  • Hydrangea – very large flowers full of texture; available in many color variations.
  • Kale – beautiful with flowers, this out-of-the-garden bloom is available in purple, white and green.
  • Lily – traditional wedding flower; available in many colors.
  • Narcissus – beautiful spring flower, means luck.
  • Star of Bethlehem – beautiful flower with unique spike at the tip.
  • Waxflower – small, unique flower adds texture to any arrangement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flowers available in the winter. Your local florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for the style and theme of your wedding. [Read more…]

Ask The Expert: What Is This Mystery Trumpet Flower?

Ask the Plant Expert:

“I have moonflowers I grew last growing season (I am located in Wyoming) in a pot. I harvested the seeds and planted in several pots this year. What I noticed growing in the middle of our grass, by my children’s trampoline, is something that looks like a hybrid moonflower. The flowers are similar (just smaller). They are just as fragrant, and they are developing seed pods (just like the ‘regular’ moonflower plant). However, it look much different. The leaves are shaper (not rounded like the other plants). Do you think this moonflower somehow bred with a seed to a weed?

datura-mystery-plant datura-mystery-plant2

I am attaching two pictures of the plant in question. It shows the leaves, blooms and seed pods. Any help would be appreciated! I don’t know if I should harvest these seed pods, or destroy them! The plant smells pretty, so I hate to do that, but I also don’t want some weird, unknown thing growing around my yard! Thank you so much!” – Angela

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:
I believe what you have there is a relative of your moonflower. Your moonflower is a type of Datura and this new mystery shrub is in the same family. I believe it to be Datura stramonium or Datura leichhardtii. I would think this is more likely to be a random weed than a hybrid of your moonflower and a rogue weed, but I guess stranger things have happened.

Although the flowers are beautiful, all Datura plants contain tropane alkaloids which are toxic, so you might want to keep this in mind when deciding whether it stays or has to go! Hope this helps!

Florist Friday Recap 7/27 – 8/2: Volumes of Varieties

Are the abundance of tropical arrangements an indicator that the heat of summer is going straight to our florists’ heads? I can’t say for sure, but none of the beautiful work we have to show you in this week’s Friday Recap looks like the result of a sun-addled mind. In addition to the tropicals, we also have a nice selection of sympathy, wedding and everyday floral designs for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!

Personalized Funeral Flower Photos

Farmer Funeral by ABloom LTD,  Walkersville, MD

Farmer Funeral by ABloom LTD,  Walkersville, MD

“Funeral piece for a farmer using a framed print by a local artist. the family LOVED it.”

Ohio State Funeral Flowers by Back to the Fuchsia, Saugutuck, MI

Ohio State Funeral Flowers by Back to the Fuchsia, Saugatuck, MI

“A floral tribute made for a tried and true Ohio State Fan.”

Farmer Funeral Spray by The Flower Shop, Pryor, OK

Farmer Funeral Spray by The Flower Shop, Pryor, OK

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Florist Friday Recap 7/20 – 7/26: Week of Wow

We’ve got some interesting and creative designs in our Friday line for our readers today! Love must be in the air, with all the amazing wedding flowers submitted by Florists across the country. So take a look and don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite in the comments below!

Wedding Flower Pictures

Wedding Bouquets

Eskimo Rose Bouquet by Mystical Gardens in Brunswick GA.

Eskimo Rose Bouquet by Mystical Gardens, Brunswick, GA

“Love the creaminess of this Eskimo Rose Bouquet”

Butterflies and Bridal Bouquet by Expressions Flowers in Fort Smith AR

Butterfly Bridal Bouquet by Expressions Flowers, Fort Smith AR

“Lovely and creative way to add butterflies into a bridal bouquet.”

Bridal Bouquet with a touch of blush by Expressions Flowers in FOrt Smith AR

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet by Expressions Flowers, Fort Smith AR

“The touch of blush in this bouquet adds an alluring appeal to this bouquet.”

Romantic Vintage Bouquet by Blooming Art Floral Design in San Diego CA

Romantic Vintage Bouquet by Blooming Art Floral Design in San Diego

“The cool Water roses, hydrangea and dusty miller wrapped in blue lace are really a creative way to achieve that romantic vintage look.”

Wedding Bouquet Collage by MaryJanes Flowers in Berlin NJ

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet collage by Mary Jane’s Flowers in Berlin NJ.

Bouquet by Flower Palette, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Bouquet by Flower Palette, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Wedding Centerpieces

wedding reception arrangement by Monday Morning Flowers in Princeton NJ

“We had so much fun creating these for our bride Lori and her new hubby Steve. Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. in Princeton NJ.

Coastal Wedding Flowers by Mystical Gardens in Brunswick GA

Costal Wedding Reception Flowers on St. Simons Island by Mystical Gardens, Brunswick, GA

“What a creative way to add a unique spin to wedding reception flowers”

Beath theme reception flowers by Mystical gardens in Brunswick GA

Beach Wedding Flowers Mystical Gardens, Brunswick, GA

“Starfish add a perfect beach element”

Wedding Tree by Expressions Flowers in Fort Smith AR

Wedding Tree by Expressions Flowers, Fort Smith AR

“What a creative idea when Robert of Expressions Floral had when he turned this pole in middle of dance floor into a work of floral art.”

Red and Teal Centerpieces by Expressions Flowers in Fort Smith AR

Wedding Tree by Expressions Flowers, Fort Smith AR

“The color and contrast of these wedding reception flowers is breathtaking.”

Wedding Cake Flowers

Floral Chandelier by Expressions Flowers

Floral Chandelier by Expressions Flowers, Fort Smith AR

“Interesting and exciting way to add flowers to the reception.”

Wedding Cake with Green Hydrangeas by Expressions Flowers in Fort Smith Ar

Wedding Cake with Green Hydrangeas by Expressions Flowers, Fort Smith AR

“Green hydrangeas add such a classic touch to this wedding cake.”

Funeral Flower Tributes

Purple and blue casket spray with hummingbirds by Coles Flowers in Middlebury, VT

Purple and Blue Casket Spray with Hummingbirds by Coles Flowers in Middlebury VT

“The addition of hummingbirds to the casket spray is a lovely touch.”

Yellow Roses and White Liy Sypmathy Tribute by Wilma's Flowers in Jasper AL

Yellow and White Sympathy Tribute by Wilma’s Flowers in Jasper AL

“What a serene and beautiful tribute.”

Everyday Deserves Beauty

Arrangement of the week by SARASOTA ENCHANTED FLOWERS in Sarasota FL

A Little Bit of Sunshine by Sarasota Enchanted Flowers in Sarasota FL

“Topiary arrangement always add an interesting element.”

Tropical design by Budz by Helen Jane, Adlington, Lancashire, UK

Tropical design by Budz by Helen Jane, Adlington, Lancashire, UK (One of our international floral friends.)

“A statement box arrangement! my brief was large, stunning and lots of different sorts of flowers!”

A wonder of Purple and White Bouquet by Alicia's Wonderland in Renton, WA

Wonder of Purple and White Bouquet Alicia’s Wonderland, Renton, WA

“Purple and white flowers make a lovely bouquet combination.”

What will next week bring? Who knows! Be sure to like us on Facebook for even more beautiful floral designs. If you’re a florist, we want to feature YOUR favorite design of the week right here on Facebook Friday Recap! Click here to see past recap posts!

Florist Friday Recap 7/13 – 7/19: Fun in the Sun

We’ve got some very unique and beautiful designs in our Friday lineup for our readers today! Florists across the country send in their favorite arrangements of the week to be include in our Friday Recap through our Facebook Page! We have a lot of great ones in store today; don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite in the comments below!

Unique Summer Designs

Shell Flowers by Sarasota Enchanted Flowers,

Shell flowers by Sarasota Enchanted Flowers, Sarasota FL

“Flower arrangement in a sea shell.”

Flowers for Salon Open House by Personal Touch Florist, Troy OH

Flowers for salon by Personal Touch Florist, Troy OH

“Made for a salon grand opening.”

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Florist Friday Recap 7/4 – 7/12: Summer Hues

This week, florists across the nation and beyond have been creating some truly amazing designs. The bright summer hues have been inspiring many beautiful and unusual arrangements. Many are shared in this week’s florist recap! Check it out –

Any Occasion Flower Arrangements

Wow  factor flowers by Flowers Plus, Charlotte NC

Wow  factor flowers by Flowers Plus, Charlotte NC

“The customer ask for something with “Wow” factor. I think designer Stacey delivered.”

Tropical design by Sarasota Enchanted Flowers, Sarasota FL

Tropical design by Sarasota Enchanted Flowers, Sarasota FL

“Our Arrangement of the week!”

Summer sunshine flowers by MaryJane's Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ

Summer sunshine flowers by MaryJane’s Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ

“Let the sun shine in…”

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