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Summer Wedding Flower Trends

Summer Wedding Flower Trends

Summer is full of bright and bold colors, and wedding flowers are no exception! From bouquets to reception flowers and everything in between, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite summer wedding trends. [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Freesia

With its sweet fragrance and colorful look, this flower is perfect for weddings, showing friendship, and making any arrangement gorgeous. Learn more about the history and meaning behind the freesia flower. [Read more…]

Summer Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Summer Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Despite what some may say, summer is a great time for weddings. You have many of the same great flowers that are available in spring, as well as a few that may only come around in the summer sun. While you may have to do a little extra planning to ensure your flowers look their best, don’t let a little sun deter your summer wedding dreams. Make your perfect summer day even better with inspiration from these bouquets! [Read more…]

Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Flowers bring life to weddings and set the tone for the whole event. Choosing the perfect blooms to match your wedding colors and style takes careful consideration. Wedding season is here and our florists all over the country have been working hard to make bride’s visions come to life.  Browse through some of our florists latest designs to find bridal bouquet inspiration.

 This soft light blue and white bouquet was designed by Yacht Flowers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This bright peach and green bouquet was designed by Flowers of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL.

This stunning bouquet of deep lavender, red and light pink was designed by Ann’s Petals in Longview, TX.

This colorful orange and light pink bouquet was designed by A Fruit Basket Southern Blossom Florist in Charlotte, NC.

This whimsical purple and white bouquet was designed by An English Garden Flowers & Gifts in Mokena, IL.

Flowers have become a way for brides and floral designers to display their creativity. Talk to your florist about exactly what you would like to see in your wedding bouquet and watch your vision come to life. If you want to continue to browse through wedding bouquet ideas visit our Wedding and Party Network Photo Gallery where you’ll find more beautiful arrangements from local florists all over the country.

Wedding Trends: Colorful Wedding Bouquets

Want to make your bouquet that catches the eye? A colorful bouquet really stands out against the ivory color of a wedding dress or a neutral colored bridesmaid dress. Here are some colorful bouquet ideas for your upcoming special day!

Wedding Trends: Colorful Wedding BouquetsTangerine Beauties

Combine bright oranges and yellows for a poppin’ bouquet! Add small pieces of greens, like a beautiful succulent or dusty miller to complete your bouquet look.

Bright Greens

Green bouquets are growing in popularity and bright greens can really make your arrangement stand out! Add white roses or a touch of lilac throughout the arrangement to give it that ‘just picked’ garden look!

Pretty Pinks

Don’t hesitate to use different shades of a favorite color. Combine fuchsia, magenta, pink, and tangerine roses for a bouquet that will grab everyone’s attention. Add a couple of succulents for a rustic look!

Get creative with your florist for a unique wedding bouquet! For more great ideas, visit the Wedding and Party Network Blog!

Tangerine Beauties, Bright Greens, and Pretty Pinks photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork.com



Wedding Trends – 2015 Bouquets

Brides are getting creative when choosing their floral bouquets. From adding accents to including their wedding theme, brides are wanting more personalized bouquets. Here are some trending floral bouquets for 2015!

Wedding Trends - 2015 BouquetsEarthy Elegance
Brides are incorporating greens and natural tones along with seasonal flowers, adding that rustic look to their bridal bouquet. Consider succulents, green hypericum, and lycopodium for brides with an eco, earthy theme.

Romantic Pastels
Pastels aren’t just limited for spring. Brides are incorporating these romantic colors into summer, fall, and even winter. Mixing  hues of pinks, purples, and whites, brides are choosing a variety of  flowers for a more unique look.

Freshly Picked
In search of the unique, brides are wanting a more wild, freshly picked look for their bouquets. Using bright reds with purples mixed with red and green berries will create that garden look.

Brides want their bouquets to be unique and creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover something new that they will love! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas!

Earthy Elegance photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13259

Romantic Pastels photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/12782

Freshly Picked photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13258/

Sweet Bridal Bouquets From Instragram

Instagram Inspiration Feb 25

As florists everywhere are preparing for the busy bridal season just around the corner, we wanted to share some beautiful bouquet inspiration from Instagram.

We love the variety of florals found on this popular photo-sharing site and just had to show you what talented florists from all over the world are creating for some very lucky brides.

Take a look at the delicate color and incredible attention to detail evident in every photo. We think you’ll agree – nothing is sweeter than those soft pinks and vintage whites which offer up a classic look and a timeless feel in any design.

Know that experienced florists have the skills and artistry to take your breathe away on special occasions like your wedding day!

A Creative Touch

A Creative Touch – Wayne, New Jersey

Good Seed Floral

 Good Seed Floral – Eugene, Oregon

Fache Florals

Fache Floral Design – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Every Tuesday, we share inspiring flowers and exciting trends from amazing real local florists active on Pinterest & Instagram!

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Winter Wedding Flowers, Foliages & Accessories

White Winter Wedding CenterpieceWhen most people think of a wedding bouquet, they instantly think of red roses or brightly colored flowers bunched together. You might even think of white lilies or callas. But what about a winter wedding? What flowers come to your mind? Sure, with today’s technology, most flowers are available year-round, but if you’re planning a wedding for the winter, why not add a touch of the season (as well as traditions) to your wedding decor?

Winter Wedding Flowers

  • Agapanthus – firework-like flower available in a wide range of colors.
  • Amaryllis – very large, winter-blooming flower.
  • Anemone – unique flower with dark center disks.
  • Brunia – ball-like flower; beautiful in silver.
  • Calla Lily – elegant flower available in almost any color.
  • Carnation – the new variations of carnations are absolutely beautiful.
  • Dahlia – available in many sizes and colors.
  • Eryngium – also known as Sea Holly, is a blue, star-like flower.
  • Freesia – heavenly fragrance and wide range of colors.
  • Hyacinth – highly fragrant; symbol of spring.
  • Hydrangea – very large flowers full of texture; available in many color variations.
  • Kale – beautiful with flowers, this out-of-the-garden bloom is available in purple, white and green.
  • Lily – traditional wedding flower; available in many colors.
  • Narcissus – beautiful spring flower, means luck.
  • Star of Bethlehem – beautiful flower with unique spike at the tip.
  • Waxflower – small, unique flower adds texture to any arrangement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flowers available in the winter. Your local florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for the style and theme of your wedding. [Read more…]

Zombie Wedding Bouquet

Zombie Wedding Bouquet

This unique wedding story was shared with us by local flower shop, Mullica Hill Floral Co. in Mullica Hill NJ.

“Last week we received a call from our friend Jill at Jillian Kathryn Photography. She had entered a zombie-themed photography contest and decided to create a zombie wedding. In need of a bridal bouquet, she called on us, and we were more than happy to help!”

How The Zombie Bouquet Was Made

“The bouquet consists of dried celosia, yarrow, cockscomb and straw flowers, which were sprayed black to achieve a moldy look. Also included are red spray roses, which were left out of water so they could wilt. The bouquet is framed with dying ginger leaves. I used white tool to wrap the bouquet, then used a light coating of black spray paint to make it appear dirty. As a final touch, I took a knife and shredded the tool ribbon to further keep with the theme.”

“I had a lot of fun creating this bouquet and I can’t wait for future challenges!”

Anything zombie-themed is so trendy right now. With all of the popular movies and TV shows out. it’s easy to see why. This story just goes to show you that you’re local florist is there to help you make your wedding dreams come true.. No matter how far towards the nightmare side your dream might be. Has any other florist-readers out there had a similar challenge? Don’t forget to share your story!

How would you create your zombie bouquet? Tell us in the comments below!

Cascade Bouquets Make A Comeback

Cascading Fall Bouquet By Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ

Cascading Fall Bouquet By Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ

The trends of wedding bouquets change just as often as any other fashion trend. In recent years, the round, hand-tied bouquets are practically all you see… until now.

Cascading bouquets were extremely popular in the 80’s. Thank Princess Diana and her legendary wedding to Prince Charles. It’s easy to see why this type of bouquet was chosen for a princess. All of those flowers, the trailing cascade — it’s so beautiful.

[Read more…]