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40,000 Roses at the Tony Awards!

Were you able to tune in to the Tony Awards this past weekend? We were pleasantly surprised, to say the least, to see a flower wall be the focal point at the red carpet, especially during #RoseMonth! It definitely was a great way to kick off an unforgettable night for the Broadway industry!

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2018 Wedding Floral Trends

This article originally appeared on www.weddingandpartynetwork.com.

The last several years for wedding flowers have been dominated by flower crowns, pinks and blushes, and a more natural aesthetic for bridal bouquets. For 2018, some of these trends are hanging around, others are evolving, and some we are likely to see less and less of. Boutonnieres are also getting a makeover for 2018. [Read more…]

All the Rage: Floral Culinary

Bring the garden to your kitchen this season! Switch up your normal cooking routine by trying some of our favorite fresh flower recipes. Cooking with flowers has been around for decades but has become very popular over the last few years. There are even several cookbooks specifically for floral culinary. These fun recipes are guaranteed to take your cooking (and your taste buds) to a whole new level.

A few popular edible flowers are: lavender, thyme, dill, cilantro, day lily, squash blossom, lilac, Nasturtiums, chives and basil.

Start creating meals that look as delicious as they taste with these fun edible flower recipes.

Blooming Popsicles
Flower popsicles are the perfect summer treat. Not only are they beautiful but they come packed with natural flavor. Have fun getting creative with your flower choice and enjoy your tasty creation!

Find this recipe and more beautiful photos on Honestly Yum’s site.

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Bloom Trends: What The Kale?

Kale has become quite popular in the “Health and Wellness” world, but did you know that it is also a rising star in the flower world too? This yummy veggie is turning heads in flower arrangements and wedding bouquets! We talked to Debbie Green of The Cottage at Queen Creek in Queen Creek, Arizona to give us the details!

Here is a pretty kale flower in an arrangement. Photo courtesy of The Cottage at Queen Creek.

Here is a pretty kale flower in an arrangement. Photo courtesy of The Cottage at Queen Creek.

This pretty bloom, Green says, is so popular because it is a big focal flower. Unlike hydrangeas, who are difficult to work with, Kale holds up no matter what!

“It’s beautiful year round,” Green said. “It comes in a variety of colors like purple, white, and deep greens.”

Green says she always suggests Kale to her brides because of how versatile and easy it is to work with. “I always suggest it to them and once they see it, they are blown away that this veggie can look so beautiful!”

Don’t knock it until you see it! The hues of purple really make this flower pop and, hey, maybe you can have it as a snack after the wedding!

Fall Flower Foliage

It’s October and our friends at the Society of American Florists know the best in fall flowers! Here is a great article coming from SAF’s blog, aboutflowersblog.com.

Fall is a Great Time for Fun, Foliage…and Flowers
by Brian Wheat

I’m blessed to live in an area of the country with four distinct seasons, where the trees and shrubs begin to notice the changing temperatures; their shadows grow longer, their leaves preparing for the inevitable change that’s lurking just around the corner. Across the country, fun-times abound with autumn festivals of pumpkins, hot apple cider and hayrides for many families’ weekend destination. A longstanding tradition of loading up the kids in the car and heading off to a farmer’s field to pick the perfect pumpkins and to make jack-o’-lanterns, connecting with Mother Nature and respecting her bounty. Fall is a time to be thankful, to reflect and show your appreciation by planting and by giving flowers.

Some wonderful traditional fall flowers to plant are the hardy garden mums with their palette of classic autumn hues of golds, yellows, bronze, purples and orange.


To read the full article and check out the other fall floral trends, click the link below!

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Fall Flower Trends

We are finally in the autumn season and our friends at the Society of American Florists have put together an article describing this year’s fall flower trends! We wanted to share this great article coming from SAF’s blog, aboutflowersblog.com.

Fall Flower Trends
by Leanne Kesler

The seasons are changing … the hot and dry days of summer are cooling. Mother Nature has her paintbrush at work adding vibrant color to the woodlands. Florists, too, are embracing the changing seasons. The traditional favorites, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, berries and late harvest garden roses are abundant. Add to this the new and fabulous floral treasures of thornless blackberries, textural celosia, autumn-hued orchids and exotic pincushion protea, and you have found the delights of the season. Colors for autumn 2015 are rich and lustrous. Fire hues of red, orange and yellow are updated with sophisticated touches of metallic copper, gold and silver.

Chrysanthemums bloom in fabulous autumn hues. Creative design pairs the traditional bloom with trendy metallics. These are certainly not your mother’s chrysanthemums.

To read the full article and check out the other fall floral trends, click the link below!

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Florists: How To Translate 2013 Trends To Floral Designs

“There’s no point looking at design trends, no one in my area cares.” I never want to hear any of you florists say this! If you care, then there is a point. When your designs capture the imagination and creativity of your audience, they will care and crave your work. How? Just keep reading…

How To Translate Current Trends To Floral Designs

First grab a notebook! Next you need to explore what trends are happening now. This is the fun part! Using the internet, Pinterest, magazines or anything else, you should start by collecting inspirations. These resources don’t have to have anything to do with flowers, they can deal with fashion, homemaking, hairstyles or even fingernail art!

Creating A Trends Inspiration Notebook (or Pinboard?)

Art deco designs by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJThese examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to collecting inspiration. Create your own process. You might choose to paste collages into your notebook, or if you’re more artsy, sketch them out. Take it a step further and use watercolors to remember the exact hues. If you’re more tech-savvy, consider making a Pinboard for your trendspiration.

Here are a few examples:

Fashion: Look for fashion interesting color or texture combinations. Jot down in your notebook what you like and what you don’t like. List any flowers you can think of that are available in the colors used. Take notes of any interesting shapes that may be used, such as a bow placement or collar style. Is the skirt long or short? How can you make this all come together in flowers?

Homemaking: When you look at a beautifully styled room, what inspiration can you draw from it in flowers? What style is being used? Is it modern, eclectic, sophisticated, high style, etc? What colors or patterns can you translate into flowers? For example: a room’s overall color is a blue with an accent wall covered in a chunky patterned wallpaper. Your floral design could be all blue with a blue vase and a contrasting patterned ribbon accent. Be sure to jot down everything that stands out to you in the room. You may even divide the room into sections of inspiration. It’s all about you!

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Cascade Bouquets Make A Comeback

Cascading Fall Bouquet By Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ

Cascading Fall Bouquet By Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ

The trends of wedding bouquets change just as often as any other fashion trend. In recent years, the round, hand-tied bouquets are practically all you see… until now.

Cascading bouquets were extremely popular in the 80’s. Thank Princess Diana and her legendary wedding to Prince Charles. It’s easy to see why this type of bouquet was chosen for a princess. All of those flowers, the trailing cascade — it’s so beautiful.

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What Do You Get A Gold-Medal Gymnast? Puppy Flowers!

Like many others this August, I couldn’t get enough of the Summer Olympics. Not only was I watching, I was keeping up with the scores and following my favorite athletes on social media. One of my favorites to follow is McKayla Maroney, the American gold medal gymnast and vaulting specialist. When I saw this posted on Instagram, I just had to share!!

Puppy Flowers?! Too Cute!! - McKayla Maroney loves puppy flowers!

That’s right, McKayla Maroney loves puppy flowers! (But who can resist their cuteness?) She says, “NO WAY.. puppy flowers!! tooo cute” with addition of a few flower icons from the iPhone.

Puppy Flowers at the Illinois State Florist Convention

Puppy Flowers at the Illinois State Florist Convention

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Best of the Best Floral Design Trends Of 2011

Best Floral Design Trends of 2011

Wow has it been a great year! So many incredible floral design trends — some new, some tried and true. We publish articles daily here at FSN, but today we are looking back through 2011 to find the best of the best in floral design trend posts.

The official color of 2011 is honeysuckle pink, which is fantastic news for florists and flower lovers! The luscious reddish-pink is available in many varieties of flowers, and looks great paired with almost any style. Pantone has been the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries for over 50 years.

Unique Wedding Bouquets

It’s no secret brides are looking for something out-of-the-box when it comes to their wedding. In the last three years, traditional weddings have declined by as much as 30%. Brides are opting for more of a personal and stylish look to make their dream wedding truly unique. While most brides keep with the traditional white dress, it’s the bouquet that really packs the punch of pizazz. In this article, we will show you some really unusual wedding bouquets spotted at florist conventions all across the US.

So many designs used the color, and why not? Yellow is the perfect color for summer! Sunflowers were one of the most popular flowers used. Brighten up any space with a bouquet of yellow blooms! Trendy yellow flowers keep us in a cheery mood, and are perfect for sending as a quick pick-me-up to someone who may be feeling a little blue.

I don’t know about where you live, but here I can’t go 50 feet without spotting someone with a hair feather extension!? Not just teens either — kids, moms, grandmas; even DOGS are getting hair feathers! It’s definitely the biggest new trend this year! Why not add a little feather to your summer flower power?

Creative Funeral Flowers

First of all, let’s think of the purpose of funeral flowers: to show one’s love, and support for the family and the departed. Flowers comfort and soothe us as we say our final goodbyes, but why stop there? Creative florists everywhere are using funeral flowers to construct personalized tributes to fallen friends.

Our florist friends on Facebook constantly keep us with our jaw on the ground. Each week they post some of the most amazing designs around! Because it’s wedding season, we’ve seen a lot of amazing fall bouquets! So let’s take a look at what trendy designs are popular for 2011 fall brides!

Fruit & Vegetable Floral Design Trend

Using apples, oranges and limes in floral design has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but now florists are finding new and innovative ways to use fruit like never before! At the recent Tennessee State Florist Convention, fruit and veggies in flower arrangements seemed to be a reoccurring trend, let’s take a look…

Floral pocket squares are a great alternative to wearing a boutonniere. Guys love them because it moves the flowers further from their face, and are sometimes a bit more durable. Libby’s Flowers, Gifts & More has taken the pocket square to a whole new level.

I am always astounded at the creative and out-of-the-box methods florists use to create incredibly unique holiday arrangements every year. No two are ever alike! The way florists keep it fresh every year stems from their creative abilities. I love these beautiful holiday flowers, and I know you will too…

We want to know what your favorite posts of 2011 were! Let us know in the comments below!