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2019 Trending Colors, Weddings, Flowers…Oh My!

Every year Pantone declares what the color of the year will be. This year it is a coral color, and while it’s a beautiful color, it is also a color that has had its time in wedding trends. Goodness knows how many weddings I’ve been in and had to wear that color. So, this year when looking at what could be trending for spring and summer weddings, I wanted to go a different direction. Shutterstock released what they have seen as trending colors around the world, and it’s fantastic! While they have listed twenty-three different colors with their partnering countries, we took ten countries and made wedding mood boards. This can help you gain an idea of how you might want to plan your wedding! [Read more…]

Wedding Trends: Floral Wedding Favors

Sometimes brides want their wedding favors to have a natural flair. Perhaps they want an ode to mother nature or they want a favor that compliments their floral theme. Here are some trending floral wedding favors that make a beautiful living gift to all wedding guests!

Sweet Succulent

Succulents make a great favor for a rustic wedding theme. No need to have a green thumb! These plants need little maintenance and look great on a windowsill. A potted herb or flower works as well!

Seed Confetti

Trade in the traditional rice for an eco-friendly option. Guests can celebrate the new nuptuals by throwing seeds after the ceremony or planting them at home.

Floral Bulbs

Consider flower bulbs as a wonderful favor that guests can take home and enjoy (especially if it’s the same flower as the bridal bouquet)! Wrap in a kraft box with instructions and guests will have a unique flower favor!

If flowers are the wedding theme, get as creative as possible and guests will enjoy the simple details! For more great ideas and tips, visit the Bloomin’ Blog!

Seed Confetti photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/8861

Floral Bulbs photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/8851


2015 Wedding Tips and Trends

The big season for weddings has begun! With the constant change in trends, we reached out to Abigail Hitchens, owner and lead designer for Petals in Thyme of Wasaga Beach, Ontario to give us some tips and tell us what’s trending this year in wedding flowers!

1. What do you see trending in weddings?

Around here we are seeing an increased use of vintage containers; mercury glass or milk glass. You can still get that rustic feeling by putting it with wood/moss elements. You can take a group of say three smaller vessels and put small designs in each to make one larger design for one table, then a larger vessel and one design on another. Variations on a theme I suppose would be the trend: creating visual interest with balance.

2. Why do you think these containers are trending?

I think every young generation is curious about the generation before them. As such, we look at articles that may inspire us from past decades and wonder what we can do to make designs and ideas new and fresh again. I think movies such as “The Great Gatsby” inspired many of our couples out of the burlap and mason jars phase into more glamorous inspired wedding, yet still containing some bohemian essence.

Having a mixture of containers creates much more visual interest. By incorporating the vintage glass, you can mix in some newer vases to get a really glam, yet eclectic feel. Some tables can be high and dramatic, others slightly more understated. Where the large designs cost more, couples can save a little on the smaller ones, yet still have the dramatic feeling.

3. Have you noticed a type of flower growing in popularity in regards to weddings?

Not really. I tend to design by color versus flower variety. Although, I have seen more Pinterest images come through my door of poppies, anemones and gypsophilia. Peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and dahlias are still the essential requests and the classics. It is our job as floral designers to inspire, teach and show each couple their options.

4. Do you see an increase in customization and personalization of bridal bouquets?

It is up to us to help make each wedding a little different for each couple–to reflect their characteristics and not our own. As such, I tend to ask them about places they have been or love to be and try to incorporate florals from those areas and memories.

For example, last year I had a bride who simply wanted soft, loose, deconstructed florals: spray roses, dahlias, garden roses, etc. I asked her when she immigrated to Canada and where she lived. She told me a farm in a rural area of Canada. How much she missed it. So of course, when the day came, I added some Ammi Major in her bouquet. She shed some tears of joy exclaiming “How did you know? I love these flowers so much! I picked them as a child when we moved to Canada, but they never last in a vase Although I wanted them, I never considered them as an addition to my bouquet!” I reminded her of our conversation when she booked her florals. She remains to this day a client always stating she couldn’t believe my memory.

Taking the time to get to know our clients to allow us to customize their designs and draw their emotion is important. They will never forget the tiniest details, so neither do I.

I also see things like, adding a piece of mom’s veil to the handle work, or a brooch that belonged to grandma. I also once incorporated a pair of pear earrings into a boutonniere. They belonged to mom who had passed away just weeks before the wedding, so it was a way to acknowledge her for the groom.

It is not just bridal bouquets that can be customized. Boutonnieres can be too. I have added anything from wood curls for a carpenter, a fishing lure, to computer chips for a computer tech guy. Men often associate themselves with their profession or hobby, and as such, I like to acknowledge them in any way I can.

5. What is your tip to couples who are planning their 2015 floral wedding look?

Don’t underestimate the cost of flowers and try to think about booking your appointment with your florist as early as you can. Some florists offer payment plans (we do) which effectively makes your dream wedding a reality.

6. What is a tip you would give other florists working on 2015 weddings?

Every florist knows their client and I believe every region has its own sense of style. I mean, what is going on in rural Ontario is very different to the downtown core of Toronto ,which is different again to what is happening in South Carolina, USA. Here are my 3 tips:

#1 Listen
Couples will tell you what they are looking for, but they really have no idea about flowers. They know what they like, colors, and what they like to do if you ask the right questions. Listen closely to their answers in a completely non-biased way.

#2 Patience
Again, couples will tell you what they want, but they really have no idea about flowers (for the most part). It is up to us to patiently explain things, with kindness and sincerity.

#3 Use the Term ‘Bridal’ Sparingly
First off, I never use the term bride when talking wedding and design. I always use the term couple(s). Using the word bride turns away any men who may want to be involved in the wedding process and also any same sex couples who are looking to be married. It lessens the pool of potential wedding market. In these days of open acceptance, social media and relations, we need to be careful of the language we are using so as not to put anyone off of our products and services or offer the idea that we may be closed minded. Men are becoming much more involved in their weddings. Same sex couples can also sometimes find this term extremely excluding in nature. Wedding flowers, wedding shows, wedding bouquet–I truly believe it is important for us all to be inclusive of everyone involved in such a beautiful day as a wedding!

Thank you to Abigail Hitchens of Petals in Thyme for her great tips! For more wedding ideas and tips, visit the Bloomin’ Blog!

Photo courtesy of http://www.weddingandpartynetwork.com/gallery/photo/13440/


Wedding Trends: Guest Book Table Arrangements 2015

One of the first things guests see at a wedding, whether it’s at the ceremony or reception, is the guest book sign-in table–and along with that, a floral arrangement to greet them. This table decor sets the theme for the wedding. It introduces guests to the event, so it’s no surprise that this arrangement is an important part of the wedding floral decor. Here are some guest book table arrangements that are trending for 2015!

FSN-sign in flowersTall Majestic
To make a grand first impression, consider a tall arrangement that will catch the guests’ eye. They will know right away they have made it to the wedding location.

Shorty Chic
A short arrangement can put the finishing touch to a decorated table. Shorter blooms will make it easy to see the guest book.

Sweet Cluster
Wanting that rustic look? Group a cluster of small arrangements that can be lined up or scattered around the guest sign-in. This works great if using glass bottles and mason jars.

Elegant Design
A long design, much like a spray, can be the table’s focal point. This works perfectly if the table is light on decor.

When it comes to this special arrangement, there are so many options to choose from. Don’t hesitate to make this arrangement a great piece to represent the wedding theme. For more great tips and ideas, visit the Bloomin’ Blog!

Tall Majestic photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/8589

Shorty Chic photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/3241

Sweet Cluster photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13819

Elegant Design photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/12471

Wedding Trends: 2015 Boutonnieres

While 2014 has brought many trends to the wedding scene, what stands out the most is the versatility of the boutonniere. With flowers, brides are expressing their individuality and style, but that doesn’t mean the guys can’t show off theirs too! Here are some boutonnieres that will be making their way through 2015.

Wedding Trends: BoutonnieresWhimsical Garden
The “freshly picked” look has become wildly popular in wedding bouquets and centerpieces, so it is no surprise that the trend continues on to boutonnieres. Bunches of greens with a variety of flowers draws the eye to an otherwise simple suit.

Rustic Beauty
The rustic style has already been wildly popular with brides and it also shows with the groom’s boutonniere. Soft hues of pastels with neutral tones add to the rustic effect.

Timeless Elegance
Dark colors are known to preside over fall and winter weddings, but they are slowly making their way into summer. Dark purples and deep reds stand out fantastically on dark or gray suits.


Designing their boutonnieres make the grooms feel they are part of the wedding planning (and gets them pumped for the special day). The sky is the limit for these small designs and they can be personalized to fit the wedding style. Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas!

Whimsical Garden photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/9155

Rustic Beauty photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/9451

Timeless Elegance photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/11328



Wedding Trends – 2015 Bouquets

Brides are getting creative when choosing their floral bouquets. From adding accents to including their wedding theme, brides are wanting more personalized bouquets. Here are some trending floral bouquets for 2015!

Wedding Trends - 2015 BouquetsEarthy Elegance
Brides are incorporating greens and natural tones along with seasonal flowers, adding that rustic look to their bridal bouquet. Consider succulents, green hypericum, and lycopodium for brides with an eco, earthy theme.

Romantic Pastels
Pastels aren’t just limited for spring. Brides are incorporating these romantic colors into summer, fall, and even winter. Mixing  hues of pinks, purples, and whites, brides are choosing a variety of  flowers for a more unique look.

Freshly Picked
In search of the unique, brides are wanting a more wild, freshly picked look for their bouquets. Using bright reds with purples mixed with red and green berries will create that garden look.

Brides want their bouquets to be unique and creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover something new that they will love! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas!

Earthy Elegance photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13259

Romantic Pastels photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/12782

Freshly Picked photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13258/

Wedding Trends – Mason Jar Arrangements


In 2014, the rustic and vintage style took the scene in wedding theme and decor. One piece that is making its way through 2015 is the mason jar floral arrangement. Used as centerpieces and ceremony decorations, the versatility of mason jars make these arrangements popular and customizable.

Short and Sweet
What makes these arrangements popular centerpieces is their ability to create a full bouquet in different sizes. Depending on the size of the jar, short arrangements can keep guests happy with an unobstructed view while taller jars can give a table centerpiece different levels of arrangements. Consider using a mix of sizes to create a complete centerpiece.

Hanging Beauties
Not only are these tiny bouquets perfect to dress up any table, they can also be hung up! Using thick rope or hanging mason jars, these florals can dangle on trees or gazebos to add a whimsical touch to any event.

Pretty Accents
Mason jars are so popular because they can be customized. Jars can be painted to the bride’s wedding colors and numbers can be added to the arrangement, making them table markers. Adding a bit of ribbon or gluing some burlap can customize each arrangement to every bride’s wedding style.

There is so much that can be done with mason jars and wedding flowers. Whether it’s an intricate hanging design or a simple, yet beautiful reception centerpiece,  mason jar arrangements can add a little southern charm to any wedding. Check out the Bloomin’ Blog for more wedding trends!

Photo accreditation to: http://www.weddingandpartynetwork.com/gallery/photo/12582/

Winter Wedding Flowers, Foliages & Accessories

White Winter Wedding CenterpieceWhen most people think of a wedding bouquet, they instantly think of red roses or brightly colored flowers bunched together. You might even think of white lilies or callas. But what about a winter wedding? What flowers come to your mind? Sure, with today’s technology, most flowers are available year-round, but if you’re planning a wedding for the winter, why not add a touch of the season (as well as traditions) to your wedding decor?

Winter Wedding Flowers

  • Agapanthus – firework-like flower available in a wide range of colors.
  • Amaryllis – very large, winter-blooming flower.
  • Anemone – unique flower with dark center disks.
  • Brunia – ball-like flower; beautiful in silver.
  • Calla Lily – elegant flower available in almost any color.
  • Carnation – the new variations of carnations are absolutely beautiful.
  • Dahlia – available in many sizes and colors.
  • Eryngium – also known as Sea Holly, is a blue, star-like flower.
  • Freesia – heavenly fragrance and wide range of colors.
  • Hyacinth – highly fragrant; symbol of spring.
  • Hydrangea – very large flowers full of texture; available in many color variations.
  • Kale – beautiful with flowers, this out-of-the-garden bloom is available in purple, white and green.
  • Lily – traditional wedding flower; available in many colors.
  • Narcissus – beautiful spring flower, means luck.
  • Star of Bethlehem – beautiful flower with unique spike at the tip.
  • Waxflower – small, unique flower adds texture to any arrangement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flowers available in the winter. Your local florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for the style and theme of your wedding. [Read more…]

Florists Share 2013 Wedding Color Trend Secrets

Our florists are definitely the top experts of what is happening this year when it comes to wedding color trends. With every new client comes a little insight into what brides are asking for, and that translates into what’s hot for 2013 weddings.

When asked to divulge the most popular colors seen this summer, florists responded with popular trends happening in their area. Here is a detailed list of hot color palettes designers, and brides alike, can’t seem to get enough.

#1. coral

(with mint blue) – most votes!
With refreshing sea hues, this combination recalls the soft coral color of shells and fond dreams of the beach.


#2. shades of blue

Proof that calm soothing colors can be exciting and eye-catching as well.


#3. purple

Purple is the meeting place between red and blue; combinations of this hue lend a perfect mix to a happy day.


[Read more…]

Wedding Day Flower Ideas

While I was looking through the FSN archives, I noticed two really amazing wedding flower articles that really should not be missed for anyone planning their wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers by Botanica Creations, Klamath Falls ORWedding Flower Details

This post is filled with great ideas to add those finishing touches to your wedding day flowers. From personal flowers for your wedding party, to new ideas for the ring bearer, definitely worth the read! Not only is there ideas for where to put flowers, it also gives great flower and accessory suggestions to make sure your wedding decorations won’t soon be forgotten. Click to read more about Wedding Flower Details.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Flower Ideas

This oldie-but-goodie post has even more great ideas that even I had never thought of (and I’ve been writing about flowers for almost 4 years now; our archives are so massive!). Great tips for aisle flowers, reception ideas, guestbook flowers, centerpieces and even more that you won’t expect! If you need wedding flower ideas, click here!

Although these blog posts were written way back in 2002, they’re chock full of GREAT ideas and deserve a little spotlight. So, go check them out!

Image credit: Wedding flowers by Botanica Creations, Klamath Falls OR