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Celebrate the Romantics

August is Romance Awareness month! There are so many ways in which we can celebrate and unleash our romantic side because whether we want to admit it or not, we all have one! You can treat your lover to a nice dinner, be courteous and say “hi” to a stranger on the street, or better yet – send flowers!

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5 Flower Arrangements That Say, “I Love You”

Three little words hold so much meaning in a relationship. Being in love is a whirlwind journey full of challenges, adventures and happiness. Through every stage in a relationship, “I love you” holds different meanings. To a couple that is battling sickness it could mean, “I’m here for you.” To a newly engaged couple it could mean, “I’m excited about our future.” Every underlying meaning is special and unique to the couple in love.

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Feeling Romantic? Send Your Sweetie a Rustic-Rose Fall Arrangement!

Rustic Roses For Fall RomanceSpring isn’t the only season for romance. Fall is the perfect time to show your sweetie how much you care. The weather’s turning cold — time for cuddling under blankets and sipping hot cocoa. Start the mood off right by bringing home a bunch of rustic roses!

Roses are the traditional gift of romance and can make any occasion seem much more special. Starting your night of cuddling, cocoa and movies off with roses creates the perfect mood for romance. Sometimes the simplest nights are our favorite times spent with others.

For days to come your sweetheart can enjoy this beautiful token of love and be reminded of a special evening the two of you shared together. Roses are a great flower to press and create a keepsake for everlasting memories.

This fall, create a little romance with rustic fall roses. Whether it’s a bouquet bunch or a professionally designed arrangement, flowers make any occasion a special occasion.

Remember, always always always go to your local florists for flowers. You’ll get quality, long-lasting flowers and help your community all at the same time! Your florist will also be able to choose the most fitting selection of flowers for your occasion and budget.

Be Spontaneous! Send Her Flowers.

Don’t wait for a birthday or special occasion to send your girl flowers. Do it now. Send flowers today. Tomorrow. Anytime!

You’ll Be So Glad You Sent Flowers!

Flowers sent for no reason other than “I was thinking of you today” mean so much more because they are completely unexpected. While any girl is excited to receive an arrangement on a holiday, there is nothing like the surprise of flowers on a random Monday to brighten her day.

It’s So Easy To Start Sparks

With no hassle at all, you can order flowers to be delivered to your lovely lady. Doesn’t matter if she is at work, school or home. There is always a local florist in your town that can make deliveries.

With so few words, you can give her the thrill and rush of passion that comes from knowing you are admired, loved, treasured and appreciated.

Sending Flowers “Just Because” can mean:

  • “I love you.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “I want today to be special because you are special.”
  • “You brighten everyday.”
  • “Spending time with you is incredible.”
  • “Just a reminder of how beautiful you are.”
  • “I can’t wait to see you again.”
Stop being so predictable and instead surprise her with flowers today!

Valentine’s Day is So Close! Be 100% Loveable!

Send Valentine's Day flowers from your local florist!

If you’re reading this and have not decided on a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie — what are you waiting for? Flowers are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and have been for generations. Trust me, you don’t want your lady to be the only one at the office without flowers.

Why wait when you can be ahead of the game? Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Use Flower Shop Network’s handy local florist finder to find a florist in your city. (FSN verifies all florists in our directory are real local florists.)

Be aware, it’s important to go directly to a local florist when sending flowers. There are third parties out there that pose as florists on the internet, will take your order, and then pass it along to a real florist to fill at a lower rate. By going directly to a trusted, local florist, you will get the best bang for your buck. Check out this article for more information: Local Florist Urges Local Shopping This Valentine’s Day.

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5 Houseplants With Heart

The day of love, Valentine’s, is almost upon us. Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to buy Valentine’s Day gifts. Most people are satisfied with the traditional gifts of flowers, dinner, jewelry and the like. However.. there are a few among us who are not so swayed by sweetness. If your girl is just not the romance type, or your hubby thinks “flowers are for girls” then this suggestion is for you!

There’s nothing like flowers and plants on Valentines Day. They bring a life and energy with them you won’t get from any other gift. If your Boo says boo to a bouquet, why not give the gift of green via a lush houseplant that is full of heart — heart-shaped leaves that is!

Here are a few heart-shaped suggestions to get you started:

1. Heart-leaf Philodendron

Heartleaf PhilodendronThe Heartleaf Philodendron is known as the sweetheart plant because of the unique heart shape of its leaves. With the many variations of heart-leaf Philodendrons available, there is sure to be one that will stand out to you. You might like the lush green leaves, or perhaps the varieties with splashes of bright yellow color on the leaves. These heart-leaf plant is easy to care for and it’s evergreen vines, if allowed, will grow up ledges or walls, enhancing any room.

However, if your Sweetie has cats, other pets or small children who would be prone to eating the leaves, this may not be a good choice. This plant is toxic if ingested.

Check out this article for more information on how to care for Heart-leaf Philodendron

2. Flowering Cyclamen

Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum)This is a small houseplant with big dreams. It’s heart-shaped foliage is beautifully colored on it’s own, but the up-swept petals of the flower add striking color that elevates this houseplant to favorite status. These plants usually bloom in late winter or early spring and are sweetly scented, making them a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

This plant is also mildly toxic and you should take precautions to keep this plant away from pets and small children.

Check out this article for more information about how to care for a Florist Cyclamen


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Go Ahead, Make Her Day — Send Flowers!

“Go ahead… make her day.”

We’ve all seen the famous line from Clint Eastwood in Sudden Impact, and probably quoted it a few dozen times. While not the same situation, it’s true that one small action can change the course of someone’s day immediately. Just by giving a nice complement, a little extra affection, or best of all, sending flowers, you can quite literally make her day, or even week!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Flowers THIS close to Valentine’s Day??” Well, yes! That’s the beauty of it all; doing something completely unexpected and out of the blue.

Orange Rose ArrangementTurn Up the Romance!

If you really want to be a hero, turn up the romance! Send radiant red roses, hot-pink gerberas or milky-white lilies. These are very popular in floral designs for romantic occasions. Talk to your local florist and let them create something as unique as your sweetheart.

Don’t forget the presentation. Have the flowers delivered to your darling at the office for all to see. She will be ecstatic and the envy of all the office. You could also go pick them up yourself and have them waiting for her, with a romantic dinner, when she comes home. Pull out all the stops and make her day, even before Valentines Day.. Just to do it all again soon, but isn’t she worth it!

Looking for Romance?

Spark romance with your sweetie with the spontaneous gift of flowers! No matter if you’re inside the doghouse or out, flowers are an easy gift, but can mean so much.

Roses for Romance!

Roses have been the go-to romantic gift for centuries. Carry on the tradition by bringing home roses for your sweetheart tonight! Make it a practice to pick her up a bouquet of flowers once or twice a month.. (but never the same day to keep it spontaneous!) Choose her favorite flowers and colors. Nothing keeps the flames of love alive like being romanced.

Stop by your local flower shop on your way home! Most florists have bouquets of flowers ready and waiting for you to take to your sweetheart! Florists make it so easy to be a good romantic.

Take Her Breath Away – Bring Home Roses Tonight

Bring Home Romantic Roses Tonight

It’s not her birthday. It’s not Valentines or an anniversary, but it is the perfect day for a little passion. Why? Because any day can become romantic, especially when it’s spontaneous.

Take her breath away by bringing home the beauty and romance of roses, the traditional gift of romance. Your local florist will always have exactly what you need to show your sweetie how much she means to you. It’s so easy to stop by your flower shop on the way home from work and pick up a bouquet in her favorite color.

2 Dozen RosesYou could also choose your roses based on their color meanings, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Lavender rose – Enchantment
  • Orange rose – Fascination
  • Pink rose – Thankfulness, perfect happiness
  • Red rose – Love, I love you
  • Red & white mixed rose – Unity
  • White rose – Purity, heavenly, I am worthy of you
  • Yellow – Friendship

Away on a business trip? Send roses to show your sweetheart she is always on your mind. Let them keep her company until you return to her loving embrace.

If you need help finding a local florist, use FSN’s handy florist finder to find a flower shop near you.

Send Red-Hot Flowers To Your Summer Love

Summer love is blooming everywhere. Whether it’s a new summer love or re-kindling the romance through summer activities, everyone is feeling closer together. There is always something fun to do during the summer: trips to the lake, hiking, camping, picnics, out-door parties, etc. These are only better when you’re with the one you love.

Red-Hot Summer Flowers

So guys, how do you spark romance during the summer? Send her red-hot summer flowers! Think about it – It’s Monday, you’ve got big plans for the weekend and you both can’t wait to get outdoors again. Send her red-hot flowers to remind her the weekend is almost here and soon the fun will begin again!

Tip: If you know her favorite color or flower, send her those instead! Take it from a girl who knows, we love it when our guys pay attention to the little details.

And remember, always always always use a real local florist when sending flowers. Don’t know your local flower shop? Use our handy florist finder to find yours today!