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Community Minded Florists

On March 3rd, devastation hit the people living in Southeast Alabama. Strong tornadoes tore through the area leaving destruction everywhere it went. Sadly, twenty-three people were killed in the path of the tornadoes, and many more were injured. Over the next two weeks, the community has come together to bring to heal. [Read more…]

Get Ready to Petal it Forward!

Mark your calendars! October 11, 2017, is the date set for Society of American Florists‘ third annual “Petal It Forward” event. So far there are florists in 44 states participating. [Read more…]

More Than Just Members

Laughter and smiles filled the Flower Shop Network order transfer room Friday afternoon when a dozen delicious cupcakes, a large box of cookies and candies, and a mouth-watering cake was delivered. The unexpected afternoon treats touched hearts and showed our FSN family once again how amazing our local florists are.

 Skip and Esther Vergers are the proud owners of Lighthouse Point Flowers in Florida. Their flower shop has been in business for decades and they have been a part of the Flower Shop Network family for seven years.

Our FSN Order Transfer Department and Sales Representatives have helped Skip and Esther over the years and have developed strong relationships with the couple. A few weeks ago during a phone conversation, they learned that Skip was finishing his chemotherapy treatments in two weeks and was preparing for surgery. The department sent Skip and Esther a card along with an email to let them know that they are loved and cared for by their FSN family.

A Sweet Surprise

Much to everyone’s surprise, the next week a huge delivery of sweets arrived at the office. A note was taped to the top of the box that said, “Special thanks for all of your concern and best wishes! It means so much to us! Love y’all! – Skip and Esther.”

The entire office was absolutely blown away by the Vergers’ kindness and generosity. It is a day at the office that won’t be forgotten. To everyone that has spoken to this sweet couple, they are more than just members of FSN. They are dear friends, and one simple card of well wishes touched their hearts.

This type of relationship is what we are striving for at Flower Shop Network. Our goal is to be a true partner for local florists. Helping florists across the country with their needs and providing solutions to their problems without taking over their business.

Our vision is to see local flower shops across the country thriving. Stories like this encourage us and give us the motivation to continue making strides towards our goal.

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Don’t Miss Out On Parent’s Day!

Parent’s Day is the fourth Sunday in July, and that means it’s just around the corner. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to honor the ones who raised you with a beautiful arrangement from your local florist!

Flowers of DistinctionPicturesque PosiesColors on Parade

What is Parent’s Day?

Parent’s Day was signed into existence by President Bill Clinton in 1994 to be a holiday that recognizes, uplifts and supports the role of parents.

Think of it as a combination of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day except that instead of lauding one member of the parenting team,you are celebrating them together as a team. A sort of exaltation of parenting in general.

Father’s Day or Mother’s Day can both be designated as a day to celebrate those physically responsible for bringing you into this world. But Parent’s Day celebrates those who made the hard sacrifices, stayed up late nights, and did everything possible to ensure you reached adulthood. In short, those merry folk who raised you. These may be the same people or not, but either way, they deserve some love.

Keep It Local

When you buy flowers this Parent’s Day, don’t forget the shop around the corner. Your local flower artist offers so much when it comes to finding the perfect flowers. Because you speak to them directly, you aren’t limited by a photographed list of available options. You tell the florist what YOU want, and they will do their best to help make that request a beautiful reality. And if you’re not sure what you want? That’s not a problem either!

Don’t forget that your local florist is also a flower artist. If you want something special and maybe a little different, don’t be afraid to set them free. The results are sure to be something really impressive.

So now that you have that perfect gift idea for Parent’s Day, don’t let another day go by without contacting your local florist!


Black Friday? Cyber Monday? We Say Always Shop Local!

Shop Local!While plenty of Americans are gearing up for big Black Friday discounts at major retailers and online shoppers are browsing like crazy to get ready for Cyber Monday sales, we would like to remind holiday shoppers of the value of shopping local.

Shopping Local Benefits the Community

While everyone loves to get more for less, remember that small brick and mortar businesses in your community have great holiday sales too. And the best part of spending your hard-earned cash at these shops is that you are helping local families and their employees have a great holiday season as well. We can’t say it enough. Supporting local businesses helps build communities in a big way. So take part!

Local florists are stocked with beautiful seasonal flowers, wreaths, plants and trendy home decor that make beautiful gifts. Candles, gift baskets, picture frames, cards and so many unique items are waiting for customers this season. Be sure to head to your closest flower shop and check out all these potential presents!

With the success of the American Express campaign “Small Business Saturday”, more shoppers are seeking local establishments for gifts each year. So be part of the growing number of Americans who are choosing to invest their holiday dollars in their own towns. This means shopkeepers will have the revenue to grow their businesses, become involved with community organizations and even sponsor activities like baseball teams and senior services. Everyone wins when local businesses thrive.

So before you load up on midnight madness sale items from those big-box companies, think about where your money can have the most impact for your family and community.

After you survive Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, celebrate Treat Yourself Tuesday. It’s a great reward and the perfect way to guarantee you’re shopping local!

Top 10 Best Smelling Flowers According To Florists

When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? Or the lilacs? Or the hyacinth? With spring ushering in all these beautiful blooms, we wanted to know what fresh-cut flowers are the best for filling a room with a heavenly aroma. So we asked those who would know best – our FSN florists! We had quite a response, but compiled a list of the top ten.Poetric Peonies

Top 10 Best Smelling Flowers


  • 1. Stock

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with stock!


  • 2. Freesia

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with freesia!


  • 3. Lilacs

Looking for lilacs? Find a florist near you to order a beautiful arrangement! 


  • 4. Gardenia 

Order a fresh flower arrangement with gardenias from your local florist today!


  • 5. Rose – Garden & Rainbow 

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with roses!


  • 6. Lilies – Asian & Stargazer

Click here to order a fresh flower arrangement with lilies!

  • 7. Boronia

Order a fresh flower arrangement with boronia from your local florist today!


  • 8. Jasmine

Order a fresh flower arrangement with jasmine from your local florist today!


  • 9. Peony

Order a fresh flower arrangement with peonies from your local florist today!


  • 10. Hyacinth

Order a fresh flower arrangement with hyacinth from your local florist today!

So if you want to walk in your home and be transported to a lush garden or know someone needing a bit of scent-inspired pick-me-up, contact your real local florist today. Ask for your favorites from this list for a scent-sational arrangement. You can’t go wrong!

Find a Local Florist

This list was generated from responses received on our Facebook page. Join in the fun!


25 Ways Flower Shops Can Recycle For Earth Day

Earth Day is a unique holiday where we take the time to celebrate the earth and it’s resources that we tend to look over in our busy lives. Everything we have has come from the earth: the wood in our houses, the water in our coffee, the food we’re eating for lunch, and so much more. Isn’t it our time to give back?

This Earth Day, find a new way to use the 3 R’s in your daily life: Reduce Reuse Recycle!

Recycle for Earth DayHere are some great methods florists already use in their flower shops. (If you’re a florist, perhaps you can find a way to start using some of these great, earth-friendly actions.)

  • 1. Recycle and reuse cardboard.
  • 2. Encourage customers to bring in glass vases for reuse or recycling.
  • 3. Give bubblewrap to the local packaging store (UPS).
  • 4. Use terry towels instead of paper towels at your design table.
  • 5. Reuse packing material whenever possible.
  • 6. Use recycled office paper to make notepads for shop use.
  • 7. Use a hybrid or other earth-friendly vehicle to do deliveries.
  • 8. Empty cooler bucket water onto outdoor plants.
  • 9. Recycle stems and other organic waste in a compost, or find a local composter to give it to.
  • 10. Give flower boxes back to wholesalers.
  • 11. Keep mug boxes and other pretty containers to use as ‘economy’ containers by using a plastic liner for small arrangements.
  • 12. Save extra pieces of ribbon, fabric, cardboard tubes and foil to give to local pre-schools for art projects. [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day At Your Local Flower Shop

Valentine’s week is in FULL SWING right now. (If you haven’t ordered your flowers yet, what are you waiting for!?) Local florists all over the country have decked out their store interiors in all the colors of love. Red hearts, chocolates, stuffed animals and, of course, flowers abound! We asked our florist friends on Facebook to give us a peek into their stores.

The Valentine's Day interior of La Pine Florist, La Pine OR

The Valentine’s Day interior of La Pine Florist, La Pine OR

East Coast Florist, Chelmsford MA

Who doesn’t want to visit this Valentine’s Day wonderland at East Coast Florist, Chelmsford MA?

[Read more…]

Florist Spotlight: Flowerama, Ft. Collins CO

Looking for Romance?

Spark romance with your sweetie with the spontaneous gift of flowers! No matter if you’re inside the doghouse or out, flowers are an easy gift, but can mean so much.

Roses for Romance!

Roses have been the go-to romantic gift for centuries. Carry on the tradition by bringing home roses for your sweetheart tonight! Make it a practice to pick her up a bouquet of flowers once or twice a month.. (but never the same day to keep it spontaneous!) Choose her favorite flowers and colors. Nothing keeps the flames of love alive like being romanced.

Stop by your local flower shop on your way home! Most florists have bouquets of flowers ready and waiting for you to take to your sweetheart! Florists make it so easy to be a good romantic.