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Your Hometown Florist = Your Lifetime Florist

“I have used Sharen’s Florist for over 20 years and have not been disappointed once!” – Michele, FL

A family florist, one who knows you, your family, and your style, takes years of working together to establish. Moving away from your hometown doesn’t mean you have to get a new florist. In fact, your florist is now your new best friend. They’re your tried-and-true gift and delivery service to your family members back home. When you can’t be there in person, your florist can deliver the perfect gift for the occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous,  just because and anything else!

A Lifetime Florist

Sharen’s Flowers & Gifts in Treasure Island FL is an excellent example of a florist who keeps up their relationship with those who’ve moved away. They are known for their well-designed, long-lasting arrangements. Once a person uses Sharen’s, they’re hooked for life.

“We’ve been ordering flowers from Sharen’s for 25+ years, including our wedding. We no longer live in St Pete, but continue to use Sharen’s now for Mothers Day delivery and other occasions for family in St Pete. They are a small shop, and the arrangements are always fresh, beautiful and priced right. Highly recommended.” – Michael of WA reviews

Remember, many flower shops carry and can deliver more than just flowers, such as: houseplants, gift baskets, jewelry, chocolate, and more. It’s your one-stop-shop for gifts to your family back home!

Gift Basket Spa Day Gift Basket

“I purchased a basket of treats for my dad for Father’s Day. I live in Alberta, and he lives in Florida, so sometimes it’s hard to send things. Plus, what do you get the man who has everything? He really enjoyed the basket of goodies.” – Jessica from Canada reviews Sharen’s Flowers

Put your hometown florist on speed dial, you’ll be needing them when the next birthday comes around!
(Video: Importance of Local Florists)

How Florists Keep Flowers Cool During The Heat

Wooo! It’s a scorcher out there, and it’s only going to get worse! I don’t know about you, but I can barely keep my lawn alive during this heat, and flowers — forget about it! So how is it florists keep such beautiful flowers all year long, even Sun - Heating Things up for Floristson deliveries?! Here are some tips our florists shared with us yesterday.

Tips For Keeping Flowers Cool In The Heat

  • Make sure the A/C in your delivery vehicle is in good shape and prepared for summer.
  • Make sure the delivery vehicle is cooled off before loading. via Lisa from West End Florist, Rome GA
  • Invest in a spare key so you can leave the car running while making other deliveries. – via Emily from The Enchanted Florist, Asheville NC
  • Check newly arrived flowers for improper temperatures.
  • Immediately prep and refrigerate newly arrived flowers.
  • Try not to move flowers in and out of the cooler while designing.
  • Make sure the temperature of your cooler is adjusted properly for your flowers.
  • Choose lighter colored delivery vehicles to help keep them cool.

Flowers and plants need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to breath and intake food properly. Keeping flowers at a consistent temperature is vital for reaching a it’s full vase-life potential. Low temperatures also slow down the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms, which will extend the vase life for customers.

Before a flower arrives at your local flower shop, it has made a long journey. Starting with the growers, they are shipped in refrigerated planes or trucks to the wholesale level. Wholesalers keep these flowers in coolers until they are shipped to the florist, who also stores them inside a cooler. After all this refrigeration, you can see why flowers would get finicky once they are out of the cool. Florists do their best to maintain the right temperatures for their flowers.

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How To Order Flowers And Get Exactly What You Want

Robbin Yelverton on How To Order Flowers

Today we’re going to talk about how to place an order for flowers and actually get what you’re ordering. This article is the transcript from the helpful video by our friend and pro florist, Robbin Yelverton.

Too much to read? Robbin explains it all in the video at the bottom of this post! Don’t miss the video!

Good Clear Communication

A lot of times things seem to get lost in translation. For example, there are 3 words that people use all the time when placing an order, which are: Flowers, Bouquet, & Arrangements. It’s funny how they will use those 3 words, and in a lot of cases think those words mean the same thing. These 3 words are not synonyms. They are not the same thing when you are talking to a florist.

Flowers From Local Florist

  • Flowers refers to the actual flower. If you are talking about tulips, that’s a flower.
  • Bouquet, often people will use the word bouquet in exchange for arrangement, but to us as professional floral designers, a bouquet is something you carry, like a wedding bouquet. In some cases, we refer to an arrangement of loose flowers gathered together and presented as a wrapped bouquet that someone then takes out of the wrap and places in a vase for arranging.
  • Arrangement or design. Now that implies that it is flowers arranged in a container and then sold together in the container.

So most of the time when people call in to order flowers, they’re really calling to order an arrangement. So remember to be clear.

The thing about ordering flowers, it’s sorta like playing the game of 20 Questions. You have to provide enough information that the person taking the order understands what you’re saying and then is able to transfer this information to the designer to make sure it gets created the way you wanted, and then gets delivered to the person it’s supposed to go to correctly.

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Local Florist Celebrates 65 Years

Flowers By Mary Lou in Springfield IL

Big congratulations to the team at Flowers By Mary Lou in Springfield IL who are celebrating their 65th anniversary! (That’s 5 years longer than the Queen’s recent Diamond Jubilee!)

Flowers by Mary Lou was founded in 1947, and just why have they lasted so long?

“Because we take care of our customers,” says Jennifer Veith, designer at Flowers by Mary Lou. “People appreciate that. They appreciate when you go above and beyond and try to get special things for them or give them the special touches or do the specific things they ask, whether it’s a casket spray for a funeral, a wedding or even a new baby. People appreciate that you take the time to take care of them and treat them like an actual person instead of somebody that’s faceless.”

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Florist Friday Recap 5/5 – 5/11: Spring Colors

So many great things going on… what a week for florists! You’ve got prom, graduation and Mother’s Day on top of all the other daily occasions to send flowers. Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures of flowers posted on our Facebook page this week by florists all across the country!

Swannanoa Mother's Day Flowers Swannanoa Froggy Mother's Day Flowers
Swannanoa Garden-themed Mother's Day Flowers Swannanoa Mother's Day Flowers Swannanoa Lady Bug Mother's Day Flowers

All 5 above by Swannanoa Flower Shop in Swannanoa, NC.

Lots of great styles for Mother’s Day gifts!

Crossroads Florist Mother's Day Display Crossroads Florist Bright Blue Wedding Flowers

Beautiful designs above by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

“Moms come in all sizes, shapes and colors,
They all deserve their special day,
Because without them we would not be…..
Happy Mother’s Day”


“Turquoise, blue & purple, perfect together! As fun as it is beautiful!”

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Need Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts?

While it’s not quite the ‘last minute’, it will be soon! Mother’s Day is May 13th this year.

Skip the mall this year and head to your local flower shop. Not only can you order flowers for mom here, most florists offer a wide range of gift items, such as: jewelry, indoor & outdoor decor, apparel and more! Instead of fighting the mall crowds and having to visit dozens of stores to find the perfect gift, your local flower shop is your one-stop-shop!

  Handmade Chocolates Dried Flowers Under Glass Hand Painted Glass

The best part of ordering from a local florist for Mother’s Day is the delivery. Mom will feel so special and loved when she is surprised with a loving gift from a son or daughter. So what are you waiting for?! Visit your local florist today!

Also, check out our handy Flower Style Guide to find the perfect flowers to send to mom.

Marybeth Flowers from Flowers by Flowers in Parkville MD offers hand-painted vases, glassware and even gift bags. (pictured above)

Tornado & Storm Safety In Your Flower Shop

As tornado season is barely here yet, we’ve already seen some very powerful storms. Flower Shop Network wants all florists (and, well, everyone) to make sure they are ready in the event of a tornado. This post is all about developing your tornado plan, so that if it happens, you know what to do, where to be, and what to expect.

Before A Tornado

  • Tornado SafetyRadio + Batteries – If you’re in an area where tornado are common, be sure you’ve got a good weather radio with extra batteries somewhere in your shop.
  • Know the terminology – A tornado WATCH is issued when weather conditions favor the formation of tornadoes, for example, during a severe thunderstorm — be prepared to take shelter immediately if conditions worsen. A tornado WARNING is issued when a tornado funnel is sighted or indicated by weather radar — You should take shelter immediately!
  • Know the plan – have a plan and know all the safest places in your shop. Safe locations include: a basement or inside room on the lowest floor, such as a closet or hallway. Make sure ALL employees know the location of these safe areas.

Make sure your safe area avoids all: windows, glass doors (coolers), or other dangerous locations in the event of strong winds or hail.

  • Room For All – Make sure the safe area in your building has room for all your employees and more. (You may have customers or suppliers in your store during a tornado.)
  • Be Ready For Anything – Make an emergency kit for your store, including: flashlights, candles, the radio and extra batteries, and a first aid kit.
  • Consider Customers – Have an emergency plan for dealing with customers in the event of a dangerous storm. Make sure your employees know exactly how to handle customers in this situation. It may be a good idea to label your safe locations.
  • Potential Hazards – Evaluate your store for potential dangers. You may want to move vases from an upper shelf to a lower one. Secure wall decorations and anything else that may cause harm during a dangerous storm.
  • Outside Hazards – Identify any hazards outdoors. Secure any unstable items that may be outside your store, decorations, furniture, buckets, etc. Clear any potentially dangerous trees or branches that could fall, causing injury or damage.

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How Local Florists Made Valentines Day A Success

Valentines Day is truly one of the biggest holidays of the year for florists, and this year’s has come and gone with great success. We are so proud to see more people turning to their real local florist when they need flowers, and even more proud of how well these florists were able to take care of their customers with good service and quality products.

On the day after Valentines Day, we asked florists to share their favorite memories of the holiday and were answered with overwhelming response. As you are reading these, consider how much these florists care for each and every customer.

All Flowers & Charm, New Hamburg, ON

My favourite customer of the day happened to be one of my last. 2 little boys about 12 and 9 came in and dumped a bunch of change on my counter, and asked “What can we get for this for our step mom?” I made sure they left with a lovely bunch of flowers that had her favourite colour in it and enough left over for a chocolate bar each. Its amazing how far 1 .79 goes!

The Flower Shoppe, Alexandria, PA

Best part of Valentine’s Day today was delivering an arrangement to a daughter from her Dad. Her Dad passed away two days ago. It brought tears to her and our eyes.

The Enchanted Florist Asheville, Asheville NC

Enchanted Valentines

From recipient of flowers to florist: “My husband Troy Dill was your mailman for a long time and was killed back in July. He used you to make all our flower arrangements. Thank you Emily for creating the flower arrangements that he would have picked out for his 3 girls this morning. You were a blessing to wake up to!

Glendale Flowers & Gifts, Glendale AZ

We made a small, hand-tied bouquet of 4 roses and some babies breath, cut short and taped tightly for our landscaper… This is the 2nd year we had to make his wife’s roses in this fashion, for they now grace her crypt at the mausoleum. Previously, she got a standard dozen, but the little cup on the wall only holds a tiny handful of flowers. As I carefully made the flowers look as pretty as possible, given the circumstances, the man stood before me sobbing genuine tears of loss. How lucky was he to have loved someone this much? How lucky was I to get to make his love gift?

True Colors Floral Artistry, Springfield Illinois

True Colors Floral Artistry, Springfield Illinois

Jane Lindley got flowers from her daughter and granddaughter at work today… She is one of my designers… Boy was she surprised! Flowers from FSN florist!

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Buying & Sending Flowers For All Types of Customers

Sending Flowers: What Type Of Customer Are You?

When ordering flowers, it’s often for a special occasion or well wishing. For romance, birthdays, get well soons and even condolences, flowers are always intended to lifting the spirits of the recipient.

Sending Flowers? What Type of Customer Are You?

  • Customer On-A-Mission

You know exactly what you want and won’t stop until you’ve got it. Perhaps the person you are sending flowers to has a favorite flower that must be used. Maybe you have a specific centerpiece idea in mind and you must have it. Whether you are shopping in store, online or on the phone, make sure to ask about the specific items your arrangement must include.

A florist keeps a good amount of flowers in their cooler at all times. However, they can’t possibly have them all. When ordering flowers from pictures, such as on a florist’s website, sometimes substitutions will be made if the florist doesn’t have a particular flower. Same goes for vase style, ribbon, etc.

How To Get Exactly What You Want:

Call! To make sure the specific flowers/vase/etc you want get used in your arrangement, call and ask if they have them in stock. If they don’t have them in stock, the florist will explain what will be used to substitute, or how long it will take to get your full request in stock. If you are ordering specific flowers for an event, this is why it’s best to order in advance.


  • The General-Idea Customer

You have an idea of what you want, but haven’t quite put your finger on it. You know you want flowers, you know what the occasion is, but you don’t know the first thing about floral design, so you’re just browsing. [Read more…]

3 Tips To Keep Your Flower Shop In The Spotlight

Business is competitive by nature. For florists, every opportunity to stay in the spotlight is crucial. Staying on your customer’s minds will keep them, and their friends, coming back for more. Here are a few ideas for florists to showcase their talents in their own communities.

Host Open Houses

Stay in the SpotlightThink of great door prizes, interesting themes and other fun activities guests can enjoy while in your shop. Take this opportunity to showcase a wide range of designs throughout your shop. Let your visitors know just what’s possible by your talented staff. Introduce them to unusual and unique flowers available.

  •  Have a Ladies Night – Go wild and crazy with creativity. Have everyone dress up and wear their biggest derby hat and let them decorate them with flowers, then have a tea party. Or maybe keep it simple and just serve favorite desserts and delicious fruity drinks.
  • Teach floral design classes – Open up your shop to new students from your community — host a floral design class! DIY is so trendy these days, creatives won’t be able to pass it up! At Helena Florist in Helena AL, they host a Sips & Snips class, where guests can bring their favorite beverage and make their own, personal flower arrangement. Helena Florist provides all the necessary floral accessories for a particular design, and guests sip and snip the night away and take home their fabulous flower arrangement. The cost of the class is the same as the arrangement normally. Guests have a ton of fun with flowers, and show off their arrangement to all their friends.  Adapt this idea to work for your shop. You might teach a class for children, or a themed class for a holiday. It’s all up to you! [Read more…]