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Celebrate the Romantics

August is Romance Awareness month! There are so many ways in which we can celebrate and unleash our romantic side because whether we want to admit it or not, we all have one! You can treat your lover to a nice dinner, be courteous and say “hi” to a stranger on the street, or better yet – send flowers!

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5 Flowers to Send on International Kissing Day

Did you know there was such thing as International Kissing Day? If you didn’t, well, now you do! This is a day to celebrate this beautiful gesture of love by connecting with the people you feel close to, and why not, one or two strangers ;)

Flowers play a huge role when it comes to expressing love and appreciation. When you kiss somebody, you do it because you either feel some type of connection with them or (a kiss on the cheek) to express gratitude and celebrate friendship. Whatever the case may be, we’ve compiled a list of flowers that go hand in hand with this sweet gesture. These flowers may even help you get that kiss from the girl or guy you’ve been crushing over! Just saying.

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Rose Facts and Superstitions

There are many interesting facts and superstitions about the stunning rose! We all know it signifies love and that it is the most popular flower in the world, but there’s much information most of us aren’t even aware of! Keep reading to learn some pretty cool stuff about roses!

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Birthday Flowers For Her

At any stage in a relationship there are always appropriate flowers to give for a birthday present. From a couple that has only been on a few dates, to a relationship that has lasted twenty years, you can always find flowers that will make her feel special!

Buying flowers for her can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of flowers and colors to choose from. We have narrowed it down to three of the most popular flowers for a birthday. Out of this list you can choose the right flowers for your relationship. Remember that flowers have a magical way of making people feel loved and special. No matter what you choose, she will appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that went into the birthday gift.

Gerbera daisies

The gerbera daisy signifies cheerfulness and optimism. This fun flower is a great birthday present option if you are happy in your relationship and excited about its future potential. You can even pick out blooms in her favorite color with this flower since there are so many options.

Peachy Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

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Flower Spotlight: The Rose

You’re probably familiar with the red rose as it’s one of the most popular and most recognizable flowers in the world. It’s used as a symbol of passionate love and given as a precursor to countless first dates, by husbands to angry wives and as a staple gift for Valentine’s Day, but red is not the only color nor is passionate love the only meaning a rose possesses.

My Sweetie BouquetRomance of RosesRavishing Dozen

Rose Colors and Meanings

  • Red Rose – Romantic love. As a gift, they tell the receiver “I love you,” and “I desire you,” but they also stand for beauty and perfection. With those inherent meanings, it’s no wonder that this color rose is the perfect gift for a lover.
  • Dark Red Rose – This color means unconscious beauty. It also means that the giver is ready for a commitment. A bouquet of these flowers should come with a ring.
  • Pink Rose – A symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is commonly given as an expression of admiration, appreciation or joyfulness. These flowers are much less serious a gift than their red counterparts.
  • Yellow Rose – This flower elicits the feelings of joy, friendship, warmth and happiness. Perfect for a close companion.
  • Lavender Rose – A gift that means enchantment and love at first sight. In many ways, the lavender rose is as appropriate for Valentine’s Day and lovers as its red sibling.
  • Orange Rose – Another perfect rose for your lover, the orange rose symbolizes desire, passion, excitement and enthusiasm.
  • White Rose – Often used for marriages and new beginnings, the white rose stands for purity, innocence, honor and reverence.

The rose, like all flowers, is multi-faceted in meaning. Flowers are a language all their own, and one can tell any story they choose with a handful of the right blooms. This Valentine’s Day, don’t just buy the standard rose merely because it’s traditional. Contact your local florist and buy the rose that expresses your feelings most completely.

My Secret Place Among The Roses

Growing up can be tough. Though I was blessed to have an amazing childhood, there are many emotions you cannot live without experiencing. The bittersweet hurt of a crush on a boy who does not feel the same can seem like the end of the world to a young girl. Luckily, I had a hiding place where I could really find the truth I was looking for: truth by the ole’ “he loves me; he loves me not” game.

Stopping to Smell the Roses…

Red RosesMy mom worked hard on her roses in the backyard, so to really know the truth about my 7th-grade love, I had to be sneaky. I would walk outside in my backyard. So what did I do? I would venture to my Secret Place in my own backyard, using an arbor in the back corner. It was decorated with mom’s prize roses, and sat right beside the roof. After finding a spot where my hands could get a good grip (without thorns), I could pull myself up on top of the arbor.

The best view of the sunset was just over the trees, and I was almost there. There, I would gather as many petals my hands could hold and I would begin my climb quietly onto the roof. My mother was always a stickler to my climbing routines; being caught was not an option. As I reached the peak, I could slow down. I had reached my destination.

A Whole New World

My Secret Place might have been on the rooftop of my house in small-town Lonoke, Arkansas, but from the view of  the peak, I was in another world. I was Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.” I was Elizabeth in “Pride and Prejudice.” Most importantly I was a rebel without a cause. I would spend hours on the peak watching the sun slowly make its way down the sky for the night. Those were times I did not need music. I could create it in my head, humming while rubbing rose petals between my thumb and index finger repeating “he loves me; he loves me not” until the results came out to my liking.

Before the sun fell to darkness, I would slowly make my way down the roof. Giving the rose petals one more squeeze, I would release them with all the left-over stress of middle school, and head for the door.

My Secret Place Today

Several years down the road, I was graduating, my parents were moving to Dallas, TX and my house would be put up for sale. Of all the memories I have from growing up in that house the one thing I miss the most is my mother’s prize roses, and the lessons they taught me. I should not be picking apart flowers, but receiving them instead. The wait was well worth the love I have now.

Are there flowers that remind you of home? Recreate old memories by planting them, buying them for yourself or sending to a friend. Memories can last a lifetime; it just takes someone or something to rekindle the spark.

Take Her Breath Away – Bring Home Roses Tonight

Bring Home Romantic Roses Tonight

It’s not her birthday. It’s not Valentines or an anniversary, but it is the perfect day for a little passion. Why? Because any day can become romantic, especially when it’s spontaneous.

Take her breath away by bringing home the beauty and romance of roses, the traditional gift of romance. Your local florist will always have exactly what you need to show your sweetie how much she means to you. It’s so easy to stop by your flower shop on the way home from work and pick up a bouquet in her favorite color.

2 Dozen RosesYou could also choose your roses based on their color meanings, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Lavender rose – Enchantment
  • Orange rose – Fascination
  • Pink rose – Thankfulness, perfect happiness
  • Red rose – Love, I love you
  • Red & white mixed rose – Unity
  • White rose – Purity, heavenly, I am worthy of you
  • Yellow – Friendship

Away on a business trip? Send roses to show your sweetheart she is always on your mind. Let them keep her company until you return to her loving embrace.

If you need help finding a local florist, use FSN’s handy florist finder to find a flower shop near you.

How To Be A Good Secret Admirer

Single? Have your eye on someone but just shy to speak to them? Well, we’ve got some great tips for you! How To Be A Good Secret Admirer

A Secret Admirer

There’s something romantic and even exciting about having a secret admirer. Knowing you’ve caught the eye of some mysterious person and it could be anyone! However, in today’s society, it’s easy to find out anything about anyone and can get creepy really fast. Don’t be creepy, be romantic! It can be as easy as signing the card “Guess Who”, but there is so much more possible, why stop there?

NOTE: This is written to guys, but we know girls can be secret admirers too – the only difference is the pronouns.
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Want a Classic Gift for a Classy Girl? Send Roses

When it comes to Valentines Day gifts, send your classy girl, classic red roses. Roses are the number one favorite flower for Valentines Day. Not surprising considering they have long been the symbol of romance, love and admiration.

Pink RosesOther popular rose colors include:

  • Coral – Desire.
  • Lavender – Enchantment.
  • Orange – Fascination.
  • Pale Pink – Modesty.
  • Pink – Thankfulness.
  • Red – Love, I love you.
  • Red and White Mixed – Unity
  • White – Innocence and purity. I am worthy of you.
  • Yellow – Decrease of love, jealousy, try to care.
  • Rosebud – Beauty and youth, a heart innocent of love.

Types of Rose Arrangements For Valentines Day

The rose arrangements have came a long way since the days of simple roses-and-babys-breath. While that is still an option, there are many more unique styles to choose from to really amp up the rose-factor! Just check out these styles:

Red Rose Bud Vase

The Bud Vase

You cannot go wrong with the classic red rose bud vase. A simple gesture to your sweetie to remind her she is always on your mind. The three red roses symbolize the love you share.
This design would also be good for young love. Imagine receiving this arrangement as your very first real Valentines Day gift, maybe even your first gift of flowers! So sweet.

Low-Profile Red Rose Arrangement

Low Profile Roses

Flower arrangements don’t always have to be big and over-the-top. A good design goes a long way, like the picture above of Spellbound Roses. It features a dozen stunning red, short-stemmed roses in a beautifully designed arrangement. It’s perfect for the classic girl who doesn’t like to stand in the spotlight, but still deserves to be recognized for all she does.

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The Time For Romance Is 11-11-11

11-11-11 Romance With Flowers

It’s the biggest wedding day of the year, November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11)!  But the romance doesn’t have to end at just weddings, why not make 11-11-11 your day of romance and send your sweetie 11 red roses!?

11-11-11 A Rare Date

11-11-11 only comes around once a century! The last time this date sequence occurred was in 1911, and won’t happen again until 2111! Chances are this is your last chance to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with romance? Your sweetheart won’t be expecting flowers, or anything on this rare date. Surprise them with a big bouquet of 11 roses.

Sure a dozen roses is the standard, romantic gift, but on Friday, November 11th, it’s all about the number 11! Check with your local florist about the possibility of delivering this gift at 11 a.m. for even more 11 fun!

Add Romance With Personalized Flowers

If you know your sweetie’s favorite flower, order 11 of those for a personalized touch. Roses are typically associated with romance, but knowing her favorite flower wins you big points! Who wouldn’t want to be surprised on 11-11-11 with 11 of their favorite flowers — you just can’t go wrong with flowers just because!

Order your flowers now, Friday will be here before you know it!

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