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Can A Peace Lily Survive Outside?

ask the expert

Can I take a Peace Lily Plant that has been inside of my home for the past 8 months and plant it outside? Will the Peace Lily Plant survive outside?



  1. Jenni,

    The peace lily is typically considered a houseplant. In warm humid regions, the peace lily(Spathiphyllum) can be planted in a shady border. However there isn’t a region in the United States where the peace lily can survive outside year round.

    Peace lilies are found naturally in damp tropical forests in places like Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and Venezuela.

    My suggestion if you want it outside would be to place the potted peace lily in the shadeduring the warm months but take it inside during the cold months.

    For more information got the FlowerShopNetwork Newsletter Caring For Peace Lilies.

  2. MARGARET says:


  3. Stevie C says:

    Can a peace lilly survive in a UK summer outside?

  4. It depends on where you live. Peace lilies can not survive in plant hardiness zone above zone 9. Therefore you would need to live in a zone 9 or 10. In the United kingdom those zones can be found along parts of the coast line of Ireland, Scotland and England. You would need to check your local hardiness map to determine exactly what your hardiness zone is.

  5. Just brought a peace lily plant home today to southeast Florida. Ive been reading the comments about how it has to be inside during the cold months. Could you please tell me how much light it needs so I know if it needs to be near a window. Also, how often to water it? Thank you kindly!

  6. oops! I meant to say that I plan to keep it in a shaded area outside during the summer months and bring it in during the cold/cooler months.
    Thanks again!

  7. Terri, a peace lily will do well indoors during the winter. Here is another post that has LOTS of great info on how to take care of peace lilies, including lighting and water requirements. They are very tolerant plants; you should have no trouble, but let us know if you do!

  8. Mandy, thank you very much! :-)

  9. PEARL PARSON says:


  10. A friend watched my peace lily for-6 weeks for me, it was kept outside under a shade tree seem to be doing well, but all the sudden she realized the leaves were being chewed up. When I brought it home. I cut all the chewed leaves off figuring whatever was doing it stays at her house. Well they are chewed on again what natural way can I get rid of whatever bug it is? I do not see anything on it

  11. JJ,
    You might try insecticidal soap from your local garden center.

  12. GERRY DUTTON says:

    I have over 75 peace lilies outside. They have been beautiful for several years. I live in Central FL.

  13. Well I have had a peace lily out side for 8months and I live in the U. S. Granted I do live in Hawaii😅

  14. I live in Houston Texas about 35 miles from Galveston and have two VERY large peace lilies that have lived outside in a flower bed for over four years. The beds are along a long walkway that faces east that has exterior house walls on either side. The area gets less than two hours of direct sun a day, watered mostly when it rains and I can’t remember ever feeding these two plants though I do have composted soil in use.

  15. I live in SE Florida where our soil is sandy. I was gifted a spath and wanted to plant it outside. Shade or sun? Will it survive?

  16. Linda,

    The plant will need to be planted in an area where the plant can receive morning sun and dabbled afternoon sun. You will need to add a little peat moss to the soil to help keep the soil moist enough for the peace lily to survive. Hope this information helps.

  17. Thx so much. I’ll give it a try!

  18. I live in mid Michigan and would like to set my peace lily outside for the summer
    Any suggestions welcome

  19. Pat,

    It is perfectly acceptable to leave outside during the summer, but not in direct sun. Be sure to take in the house before temps get lower that 40 degrees.

  20. Thanks for reply and encouragement

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