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Does My Peace Lily Need To Be Transplanted?

ask the expert

i have a large peace lily i received eight months ago. it is now 4.5feet tall and facing an east window. it crys when it needs water which is four cups every other day, the leaves are getting very large. i think it is getting root bound. do i need to trace plant? if so how. to give you a little extra explantion about the plant, the person i received it from i later found out payed $250.00 ftd from florida. please help i don’t want to loose it. also i have six large peddles on it. thank you

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  1. Bonnie,

    I usually transplant my peace lily when I see roots coming to the surface, roots have taken over all of the soil, it seems to stop growing or if I suddenly it demands more water. If you have any of these problems then you need to transplant it.

    You can divide the plant at this time. Dividing a plant will give you new plant and a smaller parent plant. If you divide the peace lily, you can pot the mother plant in the original container and the babies in new pots. Begin division by examining the peace lily. Divide the plant by taking a knife and cutting the babies off the mother plant – starting at the roots. It is important to make sure there are enough roots to support the foliage.

    To transplant select a pot that is wider and at least as deep as the current pot. Plants should never be planted deeper than they were in the original pot. Fill the pot with a houseplant potting soil — place the plant in the soil and fill in around the sides. Do not cover the top of the rootball with soil. Water lightly every couple of days until the plant becomes accustom to its new environment. Don’t over water.

  2. I just transplanted my sponsors Peace Plant (lily), it was very large and had been in a basket (original container when she got it, from funeral for sister 4 years ago) and was definitely in need of transplanting. I removed plant from pot by gently removing the soil from the roots, and making sure that all roots stayed intack..wow are those roots big.

    The found center of plant and again gently shook until that section came lose, and the sides were released. I put the the center in the original, and made 3 others

  3. Can you transplant a peace lilly while it is blooming?

  4. Yes, you can transplant a peace lily while it is blooming, although it may cause the blooms to decline more quickly. It may also hinder this season’s blooming, but will live on to be a healthy plant.



  6. You don’t have to separate it into two plants, you can simply put it into a bigger pot and it will have enough room.

  7. i got my peace lily at a funeral for a woman i called mom so it is very special to me.Ive had it for 3 years now .It was very big round and full it also bloomed alot.I decided to fertilize it with sticks and move it to the window im thinking i overwaterd it when i gave it the fertilizer? And now knowing it doesnt like direct sunlight i may have been burning it?The leaves are brown and yellow and i have white crust soil on top.It seems like first its yellow then brown and then completely droops down dead.Im confused is it to much fertilizer,to much water,to much light,?? Please help me save my plant i cannot stop crying when i try to care for it.Im scared im going to make it worse.Thank you

  8. Inez,

    Don’t worry everything can be corrected. First, move the plant away from direct sunlight. If you can still see the sticks – go ahead and remove them. Sticks are ok to use, but you need to make sure that you are using the appropriate amount and type for your plant. I prefer a water soluble liquid fertilize for houseplants something like Shultz, Miracle Gro or High Yeild at a very diluted rate. Now check your watering – is the excess water able to drain away from the plant? If not, correct the drainage issue and resume normal watering. Has the soil become very dry? If so, correct the issue by completely satuarting the soil and then resume normal watering conditions (moist but not soggy). You might also add humidity to air around the plant by misting the air with lukewarm water every three days. Once you have corrected the light and watering issue the plant should make a full recovery within a couple of weeks. As long as the new growth is healthy you are good to go. Please let me know how this go.

  9. I have a very large peace lily in a 30cm pot which needs repotting. I have chosen a 40cm pot and am wondering if it’s too big. The 35cm didn’t look much bigger than what it’s in as the plant is tight up against the side of the 30cm. Should I use the 40cm???

    Attached Image: image.jpg

  10. Niamh,

    40-45cm would be my choice.

  11. Niamh,

    40-45cm would be my choice.

  12. I got my peace lily 2 months ago from my dads funeral, it is in the original pot with the green Styrofoam stuff…do I need to repot it? It has bloomed twice already…

  13. Lacrisa,

    Unless the peace lily is showing signs of distress, there is no pressing need to repot. If it’s blooming so wonderfully, let it go!


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