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Plant a Garden in Your Apartment

The thought of a large backyard garden blooming with various species would be a dream for anybody with a green thumb. But sometimes living space doesn’t allow for that, especially in apartments. There’s no need to up and move, however. There are plenty of planting options for small space living!

Of course, flowers can be grown indoors, but vegetables and herbs can be as well! Find (or build) a small window planter for the kitchen, plant some seeds and reap the benefits of having fresh food within reach. Cooking just became a lot easier! The growing is easy too: by placing the planter in a window sill, the source of light is taken care of. With a sink nearby, watering the seeds is quick and hard to forget.

If the thought of growing food isn’t very appealing, try a variety of hard-to-kill plants that can thrive in low light situations. Spider, snake, and bamboo plants all offer beautiful green foliage for hardly any maintenance. Bamboo especially is easy to find and affordable enough to fill several rooms with.

Take it one step further with some hands-on experience and make a terrarium! A short list of supplies makes this option easy and entirely customizable. Place a layer of rocks in the bottom of a glass container (jar, bow, etc.) and top with enough soil for the plants to grow in. Mix and match different succulents, decorate with tiny items and even paint the glass. Terrariums don’t take up much space but can bring a fresh perspective on any room.

Living in an apartment can feel stuffy and cramped. Luckily, certain plants such as the peace lily and Chinese evergreen can filter the air, making everything fresh and clean. An even better perk is how the greenery can also improve mental health!

Don’t let small living get in the way of growing beautiful plants, or food! There are so many options to bring any apartment space to life.

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