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How Can I Tell If Azalea Is Dead?

Hot Pink Azalea

Hot Pink Azalea

Ask the Expert: Is it dead an azalea that lose all its leaves?
I bought this azalea in february and did very good for one month and then started to lose the flowers and all the leaves. It was inside my house in a spot with good light, so I thougt that maybe needed to be outside, but is not looking good neither. Jennifer.

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

The first thing you need to do is check the viability of the Azalea. You can do this by testing the stems for signs of green. Take your fingernail and lightly scrape the stem. If the you see green where you scraped the stem the plant is still alive. If it isn’t green go further down the stem until you find  green. You will need to trim off any part of the stem that isn’t green.

Once you have determined that your azalea is still alive, you need to make sure it is planted in the ground or pot in a container with good drainage.  After the azalea is in its new home you need to keep it moist but not soggy and fertilize it once a month (April through August) with a slow release fertilizer.  The Azalea will do best in an area with at least half a day sun.

Side note: Anytime you receive an Azalea from a florist shop and it comes with pretty foil around it, remove the foil within a couple days. Foil is great for dressing up the  Azalea, but it doesn’t allow for proper drainage. So remove it as soon as possible.

This plant care question was brought to you by local Raleigh Florists.


  1. i want to replant my azalea. area to crowded.. do i do it now or in the spring?

  2. I would recommend waiting until spring. I would also recommend using a root stimulator or vitamin B1 when your move them. Your local garden center will have these products.

  3. dAN ePPLE says:

    When can I prune my asalias,hey have already bloomed.

  4. Prune them now if you azaleas have just finished blooming.

  5. can i make young plant from well grown azalea and if i can how?

  6. Yes, you can propagate an azalea with a cutting from the grown plant. It’s best to take a 3-5″ cutting from the newest growth and place into a container of water. You can optionally use a rooting hormone (found at your local garden center or nursery) to help stimulate growth faster. Hope this helps.

  7. vivian gerard says:

    can i plant a new azelea where a dead one was

  8. Jamie Woods says:

    It should be fine to plant one in the same location.

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