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Peace Lily Drooping – What’s Up

Drooping Peace Lily

Drooping Peace Lily

Ask the Expert: Peace Lily Drooping
Hi there,

I woke up this morning and found my Peace Lily drooping severely, although all the leaves are still in green color.

I bought the plant about a couple of weeks ago. It is about 1 feet high and the condition of the plant was very good.

I was told that once a week of watering is enough; placing a tray under the pot and pour water in the tray. I was not sure and am still not sure how much water I should give to the plant. Because after the first watering I checked the soil, it was still dry. So, I gave a little bit of water time after time but the soil condition was the same.

Then, this morning the plant was showing the sign of watering.

Could you tellme what should I do?

I”m glad I found this website. Taka


Over-watering and under-watering will cause a peace lily(spathiphyllum) to wilt (droop).  When it comes to watering once a week should be enough provided that you give it adequate water.  You can water one of two ways:  Give it water until it starts to  over-flow into the saucer or you can water and then do a moisture test.  You want your soil to be moist but not soggy at all times.  This means that if you stick your finger into the soil about a knuckle deep and remove some of it that you can roll the soil into a ball.  When you squeeze this soil ball it should not produce a lot of water just a slight amount.

Another thing that will cause a peace lily to droop is temperature changes.  If your plant is directly under an air vent the drastic change in temperature when the air comes on will cause the plant to droop.

Check both of those conditions.  Once you correct the situation it should take a week or so for the plant to recover.  Be patient and give it time.


  1. I had the same problem with mine and I thought that I was over watering it, but in fact watering it once a week was not enough, so I have moved it t were there is more light and I water it 2-3 times a week but going into winter I think that once or twice will be enough. Thanks for you tips on how to care for it its very helpful indeed.

  2. Sue | Office Furniture says:

    My mother has one of these plants and shame she is battling so much with it and getting it to grow, so I think I am going to pass on this post to her and she if she can get hers to start doing something.

  3. marty mccrorey says:

    i have had this peace lily for over ten years. it has always looked vibrant and alive. recently however the roots started coming up through the soil and it started drooping. these roots were separate from another root system so i re-potted this one in a separate pot. the other plant is flourishing but this one is still drooping. i potted it in a potting soil that is pretty wet and don’t water it to often since the soil is still wet. could the pot be to big? also, why did the roots come up through the soil in the old pot? the roots were scaly and hard. thanks for the help. i really want to save this poor plant.

    Attached Image: cam pics2 162.jpg

  4. I’m confused as to which plant is still having a problem. THe original plant was at a stage in which it had outgrown its container. This is a perfect time to split the plant and create new ones or simply repot into a larger container. If the plant is still in the same container and dropping, it needs to be in a large container. If it was the plant that you separated then it is in shock and will need time to recover. One question – did the root section that you repotted have healthy leaves attached to it? If not that maybe the issue and it will take time for it to produce new ones.

  5. Hi there
    Its an old post but would like to share.
    problem could be:
    1. I think this plant is kept indoor from long.
    2. This plant is getting humid air from the cooler or celing fan with high speed.
    best way is to keep it outside under shed where the plant should get enough air…
    Dont water much .. You just spray water on leafs every morning before eight. NERVER SPRAY IN THE EVENING…

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