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Peace Lily Spadix Turning Black – Why?

Ask the Expert: Peace lily flower turning black
I’m not sure what the technical name is for this part of the peace lily – it could be called a stamen (?).

It’s NOT the white leaf part of the flower, but comes out from the stem at the point where the flower part comes out of the stem.

The very tips of these white parts are turning black.

Why?  Is the plant being over-watered?  Or is something else wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Plant Expert Reply:

The protrusion from the peace lily (Spathiphyllum) “bloom” is called a spadix which is a spike with minute flowers enclosed by the spathe  (the white  leaf).

The answer to the black coloring depends on the age of the bloom.  If the bloom is a couple of weeks old, the black color is a signal that the bloom is spent and in decline especially if the leaves are green and healthy.  This is a normal process that occurs with every bloom.  Simply remove the spent bloom by following the stem to the base of the plant and cut it off.

However if these are newly formed blooms, the plant is under stress.  If the leaves are showing the same symptoms, you are probably over-watering them.  Make sure your pot is allowing excess water to drain away from the roots.  Once you correct the water issue the plant should recover.

As long as your peace lily looks healthy, I would continue to care for it as you have been.

Good luck and keep me posted.


  1. Jamie,

    Thank you for your help!!! If it doesn’t start looking better, I’ll be
    sure to follow-up with you. For now, I think it may just be a case of
    being overwatered!!!

    Thanks again!


  2. The flower part on my peace Lilly is dying and there are a few leafs that have died as well. But they are not droopy so I don’t think it’s a watering problem how can I help my peace Lilly survive.

    Attached Image: 1413729250900.jpg

  3. Tanisha,

    The flowers turn brown as part of their normal life cycle. Once the bloom is brown, it will not recover so it must then be removed. Pulling or breaking the stem can damage the plant. It is best to prune it off where the stem emerges from the leaves. Use disinfectant on your pruning shears before and after cutting. If the leaves are also turning brown, it is an indicator of excessive fertilizing. Scale back on the amount of fertilizer you’re using and you should be fine!



  4. My peace lilies have black spots in the stems, why

  5. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi James,
    Have you tried to remove any of the black spots from the stems? If they come off, then it is most likely an infestation of a an insect called scale. These can be eradicated with an insecticide from your local nursery.

  6. Yackie Hoefler says:

    Thank you so much, I think we were over watering it and putting too much fertilizer. How regularly do we need to water it and fertilize it?

  7. Jamie Woods says:

    Peace lilies like an evenly moist soil. Most people are able to water about once a week, but this will vary on the environment your peace lily is in. You should fertilize about once a month. Our peace lily care page has a lot of great info to help you out. Click here to visit that page.

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