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What’s Up With My Wilting Peace Lily?

Ask the Expert: Help! My peace lily’s leaves are wilting!! I’ve had a peace lily for about a month.  It was growing beautifully and sprouting a white flower.  Last week I noticed that all the leaves were slumped over and sagging, no longer straight up and stretched.  What can I do?  Should I put a stick in the soil and hold up the leaves. Repot the plant?  Please help! Trina


  1. Trina,

    Watering issues are usually the cause of peace lily wilt. It can often be a result of over watering or under watering.

    How often are you watering? Does your pot have a drain hole? You want the excess water to drain from the pot and not pool around the roots. Water pooled around the roots can cause root rot which will cause the plant to wilt and die. To see if you have rooting roots remove it from the pot. Cut off any decaying roots and place back in the pot. If the roots aren’t decaying but seem to be root bound then the plant isn’t able to take in enough water and thus the plant will wilt. In this case the plant will need to be repotted. If the roots look fine and the soil isn’t soggy then it maybe a case of needs more water. Also you may need to create more humidity around the plant. This can be by misting the plant every couples of days.

    If the plant is in a window and receiving a lot of light, you might want to more is away from the light slightly. Caring for Peace Lillies is not too difficult as long as you keep the plant moist but not soggy.

  2. my huge moon flower has justdrooped at once,it haqd new growth after the draught, now it is turning yellowCould it be the spray killer sprayed on my house to get rid of hornets could have leaked down on the ground and is killing it

  3. Rita, please post a picture of your plant and we can better diagnose it. Often times it only takes a little bit of of the wrong chemicals around plants to cause a lot of damage. The only thing you can really do is remove damaged leaves and give it a good rinse with water. With proper care, hopefully it will bounce back.

  4. I have had my peace lily for a little over 2 years and until a month ago it lookd great now the leafs are wilting and not sure how to save it. It has holes in bottom of pot to drain excess water. I water once a week. If anyone has advice and can help me save it it would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Miranda,

    If you don’t see any signs of insect damage, I would say the plant may need to be repotted. If this is the cases, you will see roots coming out of the top of the plant and trying to come out the drain holes. Repot the plant into a container 1 1/2 times the size of its current container. When you repot it make sure not the plant it too deep. The top of the soil (rootball) should look the same in the new pot. In other words don’t place a lot of extra soil on top – simply fill in around the sides. Hope this information is helpful.

  6. I recently purchased my Peace Lily. I am not sure what’s happening. Please help. I pruned the yellow leaves, watered it and spritz the leaves. Hoping this will work. Any suggestions ??? The leaves are droopy, the flowers are turning green, the flowers are folding in. They look sad.

    Thank you

  7. Niyea,

    The plant may not have been water just right before you got the plant. Make sure the plant is moist but not soggy then wait and see if the new growth looks healthy. If it does then the plant should be fine.

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