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Why Local Florists?

In 1997, Flower Shop Network owners Brock and Loranne Atwill, had the opportunity to open a flower shop in Paragould, Arkansas. Loranne had served as CFO of Redbook Florist Services (a floral wire service) for over 13 years, and was eager to pursue the retail side of the business. With Brock's marketing background, they enthusiastically opened their flower shop. Soon Brock and Loranne began to understand what the local florists face in this ever-changing market. They realized how order gatherers and others make it difficult for consumers to find real local florists. They also saw the lack of effective resources (especially online) available for locally-owned florists to help themselves. Thus, Flower Shop Network was born.

  • A marketing partner who help them promote their business online, without forcing them to "give away the farm".
  • Affordable options for sending florist-to-florist orders.
  • A marketing team who work with them, instead of competing against them.
  • A support network that is constantly watching the changing horizon.
  • A fantastic marketing resource to help florists promote themselves to their customers both on and offline.
  • Affordable e-commerce websites for florists to have a presence online.
  • Much, much more! We strive to continually come up with new and innovative ways to promote and support the local florist!

It is Brock and Loranne's vision to provide "out-side-of-the-box" solutions and options for the challenges the florist faces each day. The internet has forever changed our industry. To compete and remain profitable, florists must embrace new ways of doing business. Old business models will not continue to be profitable. "We've been there and know what real florists encounter in trying to operate a successful, profitable business in our ever-changing marketplace. Competition is no longer just the other shop or mass marketer down the street … it's hundreds of other floral establishments competing with you online. We are also very conscious of the inequities in the services offered to retail florists. We embrace the pay for what you use or à la carte concept of fees," explains Loranne.

"Local florists are what makes our industry 'tick'. Their success is vital to the long term survival of our industry. This is a great industry, but without the success of real local florists, consumers won't get the wonderful buying experience they deserve."

As Seen On The Balancing Act

Brock, owner of Flower Shop Network talks about how consumers can use
Flower Shop Network to help them find real local florists AND save money!