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5 Reasons To Send Flowers: June ’15

June is the sixth month of the year and the first month of summer–one of the most anticipated seasons! This month, not only do we celebrate the beginning of summer, but many other very special occasions too. Here is a list of five reasons to celebrate and send flowers in June!

1. Best Friends Day – June 8th

We all have friends but only a handful of those friends fit in the category of “best friends”. Our besties are always there to console us when we need it most. A yellow rose represents friendship and nothing surprises a friend more than a bouquet of yellow roses to represent such an incredible bond.

2. Red Rose Day – June 12th

A red rose is most known for representing love and romance, but also respect, courage and beauty. To this day, the red rose has kept its meaning and continues to delight us with its beautiful petals and aroma. A single-stemmed red rose is more than enough to remind the special people in your life how truly loved they are.

3. Smile Power Day – June 15th

A smile has the power to transform our day in just a matter of seconds. Sometimes a coworker or a friend needs a little pick-me-up. A bright bouquet of flowers, such as gerbers, are sure to turn any frown upside down!

4. Father’s Day – June 21st

Father’s day is an important holiday in June. It’s always meaningful to thank our father’s for all their hard work. We never really think about sending men flowers, but why not? Maybe not roses, but exotic flowers that are more masculine in a linear or natural design makes for a great gift. Not too sure about sending him flowers? Go for a plant such as a bonsai or bamboo–great for the office!

5.Hug Holiday Day – June 29th

This holiday was created by Hugs for Health Foundation to remind us of hugging those in need of cheer and love. Today, along with flowers, go to the nearest hospice, hospital or just walk down the street and give love to those in need.

If you are thinking about sending flowers, for any occasion, contact your local florist and ask for their professional advice. Don’t know what flowers to choose? A “designer’s choice” arrangement is always the best option. Your florist will make something beautiful for your loved one!


  1. Great ideas for sending flowers in June. I had no idea that there was a ‘hugging’ holiday. I will be sure to mark this on my calendar for next year. Great suggestions for floral holidays. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    The article from you here really help me a lot and really such a nice article.
    I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing this great article.

  3. James Toast says:

    Great post. Could someone suggest me a place where I can get orchids in winter? I tried but in vain. Does Flowers Canada ( Toronto ) have a collection? Planning to go there tomorrow.

  4. James,
    Are you a consumer trying to find a florist to deliver orchids or a florist trying to find a resource?

  5. James Toast says:

    The former.

  6. James,
    Okay! Where are you located? Your local florist association may be able to help too!

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