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Help! Repotted My Red-Margined Dracaena & Now It’s Dying

Ask The Plant Expert:

I re-potted my red-margined dracaena and now it appears to be dying.  The leaves from the bottom are brown and falling off and the entire plant is looking droopy.  Is there anything I can do to revive it?

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert reply:

Becky, there are a few things to check to see why this is occurring.

Planted Too Deep

Red Margined DracaenaFirst, make sure that the plant has not been planted too deep. When you re-pot any plant, the top of the rootball should not change.  In other words the top soil in the original pot should still be the top soil in the new pot and you should not put additional soil on top of it. You should only add soil to close the gap between the side of the new pot and the plant’s rootball.

If the plant was planted to deep, simply lift the plant up and place it in the appropriate position.  Then thoroughly saturate the rootball.

Watering Habits

If the was not the case, check your moisture level.  The soil of the plant should have been thoroughly saturated when re-potted. If this didn’t occur, saturate the soil now.  Make sure that the soil has the ability to drain off any excess water.  Check your drain hole to make sure that it allows for good drainage.

Transplant Shock

All plants go through transplant shock when re-potted.  Severe transplant shock is usually the result of improper watering. Once the water issue has been corrected the plant will recover.  So make sure the plant is moist, but not soggy.  To help ease the transplant shock go to your local garden center and get either liquid Vitamin B1 or Root Simulator.  However, do not fertilize the plant.  Do remove any damaged leaves.  Then give the plant some time to recover.

Hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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