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Yellow Lucky Bamboo Leaves Are A Sign Of Too Much Cold & Light

Lucky Bamboo With Yellow LeavesAsk the Expert: I have some problem with my lucky bamboo.

Dear expert, I have some problem with my lucky bamboo. Leaves turn yellow. they are perfect three days ago. I have put them under the sun for 2-3 hours everyday for two days since this winter in Sydney is cold. It turns out like this. What can I do about it? is the problem assiciated with sun shine? please help me~ Ann

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert:

Winter sun can be very strong despite the cold. The combination of too much light and cold temperatures are causing the problem. The rapid changes in temperature can also be a problem for lucky bamboo. Instead of moving the plant in and out of the cold, find a place inside with a sufficient light source.  Choose a room with some natural light. For a long time, I kept my lucky bamboo in a small bathroom with a little window.  It received filtered light for about 4 hours a day and did very well.

The yellow leaves probably will stay yellow and may even fall off. Once your lucky bamboo has stabilized, it will produce new leaves. These leaves should be healthy and green.


  1. Lucky Bamboo Shop says:

    Good advice! The only thing I would add would be to cut the dead leaves off and let the plant start new ones. The brown leaves are goners and won’t be coming back as it is. Removing the old growth can sometimes help the plant to focus its energy on the new growth.

    A good lucky bamboo fertilizer, like Green Green Plant Food, goes a long way in stimulating new growth and promoting a deep green color to stems and leaves.

    Good luck!

  2. Some of the roots of my plant is dry,some green.should I cut of the dry roots?Lives of my bamboo became lite green. I keep in class vase without rocks. What I must do ?

  3. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Alexandra,
    When you say that the roots are dry, do you mean that they are reddish brown in appearance? If so, these are healthy roots. If your leaves are turning green, this is usually an indication of too much light.

  4. Can having my bamboo in the AC be the cause of the leaves turning yellow?

  5. Jamie Woods says:

    If your lucky bamboo is located in the path of the air vent, it can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Too much light can be a cause as well.

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