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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – How Will You Participate – A Challenge to Florists & Flower Lovers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation … 10 million people around the world could die from breast cancer in the next twenty-five years without the cures …

Breast Cancer is predominately a disease that affects women. However, men have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Most individuals know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the fight against Breast Cancer, groups have banded together to host events like Race for the Cure. Large and small corporations have given time and money to breast cancer research. Many florists and garden centers across the nation have contributed to breast cancer awareness through various activities. A florist shop in Maine supported the CURE Breast Cancer for ME event by giving breast cancer survivors a pink rose corsage with pink ribbon. A garden center in Arkansas and a local hospital promote breast cancer awareness by giving those who have a mammography done in October a pansy.

Whether you Race for the Cure or support a local breast cancer awareness group with flowers, your participation in supporting breast cancer awareness is crucial. Early detection saves lives and with breast cancer research one day we may have a cure.

With that said, I offer this challenge to florists and flower lovers everywhere:

Find a way to promote breast cancer awareness and cancer research and show a breast cancer survivor you support them.

How will I meet this challenge? First, I will give money to support breast cancer research. Second, I will give my Aunt Cathy a flower arrangement with pink gerberas (the flower meaning for gerberas is purity & strength). Third, I will schedule a mammography for myself.

My final act will be to dedicate this blog entry to Cheryl Brown who was a friend, a florist and a fighter.

I’m interested in how you meet the challenge, so let me know.

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