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Alamo Florist Dedicated To Community Involvement

Unless you are a hermit living deep within a forest you are a part of a community. It may be a small community or it may be a large community. It might be a flower loving community or a dog loving community. You might be the center of the community or you might be on the fringe of the community. But you are a part of a community. Many of us take our community for granted and don’t think about or make an effort to contribute to our community; not with our time, money or heart. So when I found out what Connie at The Alamo Flower Co was doing, it put a smile on my face and a little guilt in my heart. Sometimes I am stingy with my time, money and my heart.

The Alamo Flower Co. is located in a California city called Alamo just northeast of San Francisco. The town has a strong sense of community and one of the big community events is the Tree Lighting Ceremony that occurs every year in Andrew H. Young Park and adjoining Oak Tree Plaza. This year the festivities will take place on Dec 7th. So what does this have to do with Connie and Alamo Florist? Well every community event takes money and effort. Instead of being on the fringe of her community Connie and her flower shop have jumped in with both feet. Giving her time, money and most definitely her heart. During The Alamo Flower Co’s Holiday Open House, Connie will donate 10% of the proceeds from her pre-holiday orders to the Tree Lighting Fund. What a wonderful way to be involved with her community.

It is amazing what an Alamo florist like Connie and The Alamo Flower Shop can do with the gift of flowers. When the switch is flipped and the lights begin to glow more that just a holiday light display will radiate. The beauty of Connie’s flower gift and the commitment that The Alamo Flower Co. promotes will sparkle through out the town.

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