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Need A Hostess Gift For A Halloween Party?

Flowers aren’t typically frightening sights for sore eyes but they are a tried and true gift. That’s right. Even Halloween is touched by the boo-tiful grace of flowers. If you’re heading to a Halloween party this year, remember to take flowers along for the host or hostess. You can jazz up Halloween flowers to match everything from a haunted house theme to an informal dinner party for adults. It’s all in the flowers.

Most of us are in a rush and don’t have time to head to the store just to buy a hostess gift. Florists make giving Halloween flowers easy. There are a few ways that florists can help. First, you can have a spooky arrangement sent to your home and pick it up on the way to the party. You could also have the arrangement sent to your friend’s house and spare yourself a trip. Another suggestion is to call in the order the day before the party and ask your florist to have it ready at a certain time the next day. Just drop in, pick it up, and Bob’s your uncle. Halloween flowers in a hurry.

Here are some suggestions of what you can find from a local florist:

The “Boo!” flower basket is a fun way to get a ghoulish night started. Ghosts and goblins are Halloween staples so make sure they’re part of your Halloween flowers.

Need something for an adult party? Go with “Awe-Inspiring Autumn” which has color, movement and beauty all in a fall flowers arrangement.

Oh what a “Tangled Web” flower basket we weave when first we practice giving Halloween flowers. Even though I butchered the quote, butchering works around Halloween. So does the “Tangled Web” flower basket.

Scared of spiders? Is your host/hostess? You may get the first scream of the night when you give the “Itsy, Bitsy Spider” Halloween flowers arrangement. I shiver just thinking about it.

Some less frightening but definitely spooky Halloween flowers are the ones found in the “Jack O’Lantern Tree”. Mini pumpkins carved with crooked smiles and sin-shaped eyes are an easy addition to fall arrangements. Just don’t stare into their eyes for very long. They hate that.

Want more fun hostess gift ideas? Contact your local florist today.

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