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Pretty Pink African Violet Leaves: A Good Thing Or Color Gone Wrong?

Ask the Expert: African violet

I have a variegated African violet with the standard leaves, but all the new growth that is coming on, the new leaves are “pink”. They are a solid pink with no green.
Is this the usual way a variegated violet reproduces or is this different. Sara



The genetic factors involved in creating a variegated African violet have instability issues.  This instability can cause the leaves to vary in color.  This variation can sometimes be very significant.  Keep in mind slight changes in temperature and water can also effect the leave color.   If your plant looks healthy and seems to be thriving I would not worry.  However, if you plant seems to be deteriorating then we would need to look at other environment factors to determine if their is a problem.  Please keep me posted.


  1. I just bought a very healthy violet that has the center new leaves pink and the outer, older leaves green with pink edges. After looking on the internet for some info, I found that a Betty Tapping has a variegated violet called “saintpaulia picasso”. Looks like we may have the same type~ It is very healthy and growing very well.
    Just thought I would pass my observation on.
    I buy violets all the time from the “take me home” bins at stores and am now growing new ones from leaves. For some reason the violets love me and just bloom constantly. I have them in self watering pots and that seems to really help them.

  2. Kristie,

    They sound awesome. You should up load some pictures of them.