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Add Fresh Spring Color With African Violets

Send Spring Color With African Violets

Looking for an easy way to add fresh color and interest to a room in your home? What better way to do that and bring spring indoors than with flowers?

African VioletsYou can’t go wrong with African Violets. Not only are they gorgeous, brightly colored and showy, they are safe around kids and pets! With an array of colors including violet, blue, red, white, pink, cream, soft yellow, and bi- or multicolored flowers, it’s easy to see why they are a favorite houseplant. Care of African violets is relatively easy and requires an environment of bright to moderate, but consistent light in an evenly moist and humid atmosphere. (Great for bathrooms and kitchens)

Where To Find African Violets

For the best selection of house plants, such as the African Violet, head on over to your local flower shop! You can rest assured they have had the best of care there. If you do not know your local florist, use FSN’s handy florist finder!

Pretty Pink African Violet Leaves: A Good Thing Or Color Gone Wrong?

Ask the Expert: African violet

I have a variegated African violet with the standard leaves, but all the new growth that is coming on, the new leaves are “pink”. They are a solid pink with no green.
Is this the usual way a variegated violet reproduces or is this different. Sara



The genetic factors involved in creating a variegated African violet have instability issues.  This instability can cause the leaves to vary in color.  This variation can sometimes be very significant.  Keep in mind slight changes in temperature and water can also effect the leave color.   If your plant looks healthy and seems to be thriving I would not worry.  However, if you plant seems to be deteriorating then we would need to look at other environment factors to determine if their is a problem.  Please keep me posted.

Violet Delight: The February Birth Month Flower

African Violet Plant

African Violet Plant

Roses are red, violets are the birth month flower of February. Pretty in pink and purple hues for the most part, violets are commonly used in more than just corny poetry. Violets, usually African Violets, have gained widespread popularity in flower shops also. People love the deep purple color of African Violets. When combined with complementary colors and flowers, violets can make all the difference in a beautiful flower arrangement.

Birth month flowers are interesting because they provide an opportunity to give a unique gift. Birthday bouquets with sweet card messages are already can’t-miss gift ideas but throw a little spice into the mix and it’s an even better gift! Card messages can be cute, funny, sweet, or cheesy but the it’s the thought that counts. When gifting a friend or loved one with a February birthday, opt for a fresh bouquet that uses violets or an African Violet houseplant. It’s such a fresh idea that it’s sure to go over well.

African Violet or Distant Cousin?

Ask the Expert: What is my new plant?
In the African violet family same fuzzy leaves only they are more long and oval than round. Leaves are not very big. The violet itself blooms on the end of a wiry stem 4-10 inches long. Easy to grow. I would love to know the name of this plant. I really love it because it is a prolific grower and quite beautiful. I begged a slip from someone who also did not know the name. I would appreciate you help. Susan


Could your plant be a trailing African Violet? The Saintpaulia (African Violets) genus consists of 20 different species and over 2000 cultivars that look similar but can range from stemless plants with small elliptic hairy leaves clumps in rosettes to plants with extended stems with larger and oval shaped. My next guess would be Sinningia speciosa (Floirsts Gloxinias) which is a cousin to the African violet very similar but the Gloxinias do have a longer oval shaped leaves and the flowers do appear on stems. If you send me a picture I would have a better idea of what it is.

Bagging African Violets: Good Or Bad?

Ask the Expert: Bagged African violet
I have repotted my African violets and put them in a clear plastic bag to help them overcome the repotting process. Water is appearing on the leaves from the closed bag, will this hurt the leaves. Since one is not to get the leaves wet when watering, will this have  the same affect as when waters the plants.
Your help is appreciated.
Sincerely, Sara

African Violets Help Gift Givers Breathe Easily

There’s nothing quite like getting the best of both worlds in something that is important to us. Such is the case with African Violets plants which merge the easy care and health benefits of houseplants with the beauty and wonder of flowers. African Violets (Saintpaulia) are a real crowd pleaser and it’s easy to understand why.

Everyone knows that owning plants in the home increases the quality of [Read more…]

Potting African Violets In Azalea Pots

Ask the Expert: How many African violets in a 8″ azalea pot?

I have some new plants that I have started, they are now in 4″ pots and ready to be planted; but don’t know how many to plant in the 8′ pot. I know they prefer to be root bound; and the azalea pots are the best for growing the african violets.

African VioletsAfrican Violets