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Designing With Mannequin Madness

As visual designers, it’s no surprise that we want our shops to draw the eye. Mos of us depend on our visually appealing store front window displays and the pictures of our designs that show off our skills on social media.

Customers are instantly invited in by design, and what better way to showcase your floral abilities than with unique displays from Mannequin Madness.

Recycled Art
Judi Henderson, owner of Mannequin Madness, turned an idea into a business when she found mannequins on Craigslist.

Quickly, her business of selling, renting and repurposing used mannequins turned from an inventory of 50 to 500. What’s unique about Henderson’s business is her use of mannequins as decorative pieces in floral arrangements and even as Christmas trees.

Design Madness
The company’s Pinterest has many floral ideas using mannequins and offers inspiration for customers in the floral industry.

“Many florists use my products for floral centerpieces, holiday arrangements, and fashion forward flower displays,” Henderson said.

Henderson believes that a shop’s display is an important aspect of a flower shop in order to draw customers into a sale.

“Displays catch attention which then turn to high impulse purchases,” she said. “Florists are competing with online all the time, this makes them unique. Your window is a 24-hour ad.”

From heads to torsos to full forms, Mannequin Madness has everything a florist needs to create a truly original work of art for their storefront.

Whether it’s a holiday tree dress display or an arrangement on a mannequin for a modern affair, look no further than Mannequin Madness!