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Celebrate International Friendship Day!

You may have seen posts on social media about Friendship Day but have you ever wondered how it became a holiday?

Friendship Day was originally promoted by the founder of Hallmark, Joyce Hall. She chose August 2 as the date because it is the halfway point between two large holidays. The idea of Friendship Day spread when Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho proposed a World Friendship Day during a dinner with friends in Puerto Pinasco. After their meeting, the World Friendship Crusade was established. This foundation is dedicated to promoting friendships of all individuals regardless of race, age or religion. The commercialization of Friendship Day began and it is now celebrated on the first Sunday in August. This year Friendship Day falls on Sunday, August 7! Today the United Nations encourages governments, groups and organizations to host events that promote dialogue and the acceptance of people with various backgrounds.

How Can You Participate?

It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to thank your close friends for the impact they have made on your life. This Sunday is your chance to make your friends feel loved and appreciated. One of the most popular gifts for Friendship Day is a flower arrangement. A beautiful bouquet is a thoughtful gift that is easy to send! Choose their favorite blooms and include a heartfelt card message. When your friends receive their gift they will feel loved knowing that you thought about them.

Here are some of our favorite arrangements for Friendship Day. Pick out something that your friends will love and get your flowers ordered today!


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