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Sneak Peek: The 2012 Summer Olympics Bouquet

When it comes to the olympics, summer or winter, the entire world stops to take notice. Athletes dedicate their lives to perfection in their sport and compete to take home so much more than a medal. Their accomplishments in the olympics translate into well-deserved glory and honor in their home countries.

The London 2012 Summer Olympics are scheduled to take place in London from July 27th to August 12th. From archery to gymnastics, cycling to water polo — you can bet competition at these games will be fierce, which is why winners deserve so much respect.

In addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, winners can also expect to receive a unique bouquet of flowers from the Jane Packer floral design studio. Some 4,400 floral “Victory Bouquets” will be presented to athletes along with medals during the Victory Ceremonies.

Story Behind the 2012 Olympics Bouquet

“The Victory Bouquet was designed by [Jane Packer’s] creative director, Susan Lapworth, to reflect the energy and vibrancy of the London 2012 Games. The bouquet is sectioned into boldly coloured quadrants to mirror the 2012 logo. These are separated by typical British food ingredients which also provide an eclectic fragrance.”

2012 Summer Olympics BouquetFlowers used:

  • Pink – Aqua Rose
  • Yellow – Illios Rose
  • Orange – Marie Claire Rose
  • Green – Wimbledon Rose

Also used are: English Lavender, Rosemary, Apple Mint and Wheat. The flowers and herbs in the bouquet are British grown.

To create this symbolic design, Jane Parker partnered with key floristry colleges. Students will be assisting with the creation of the bouquets at games time.

“It was important to us that as part of our commitment to the UK floristry community, we involved the educational establishments that provide us with high calibre graduates that help develop our business. It also means that the wider floristry community is involved in the exciting opportunities that LONDON 2012 brings.”

Getting The Flowers

The Jane Packer design team was very determined to use only ingredients that were grown in the UK.

“Sadly, the British floriculture industry that once provided us with cut flowers, has been forced into near extinction. To achieve our aims, we had to reintroduce cut rose growing to the south of the UK. We simply wouldn’t have been able to achieve this with out the help of our supplier partners. In this project and in particular, Landgard UK provided the glass houses under which the components of the bouquets are grown and have also acted as the lead project managers for sourcing and ensuring the flowers are perfect at Games time. “

Other suppliers:

Roses, Mint, Rosemary provided by Landgard/Chessum Plants – Sussex
Lavender – Long Barn – Hants
Wheat – Shropshire Petals

We can’t wait til July to kick off this global event, and can’t wait to see more of these bouquets. When you’re glued to the tube cheering on our winners, you won’t have to question what the bouquet is made of! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

[via Jane Packer’s website]


  1. The Olympic bouquet is beautiful!! Will USA florists make us an American version? Using the same flower types, but grown in the USA? I think that would be wonderful.

  2. Luanne, yes, I’m sure when America hosts the Olympics again we will have a native florists to create the awards bouquets. Check out this post about the 2010 and 2008 Olympic bouquets and see how Canada and China have used similar methods to create their bouquets. The Olympic bouquet is always a very interesting detail about the games that people often over look, but florists put so much work into them. Thanks for the comment!

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