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Care Tips For Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

So your sweetie just sent you the most magnificent Valentine’s Day flower arrangement; you obviously want to keep it around as long as possible, right? You’re in luck! These fresh flower care tips will help you extend the life of your Valentine’s Day flowers!

Valentine's Day Roses Keeping Valentine’s Day Flowers Fresh

First things first, if your flowers came in plastic, remove this as soon as possible.

Deciding on a location

  • Place fresh flowers in a location away from drafts and extreme temperatures.
  • Do not place flowers in a windowsill or other location in full sun.
  • Avoid places where flowers can contact ethylene gas, which is emitted from cigarettes and fruit

Make The Last Longer

  • Keep flowers in a cool location.
  • Keep your vase filled with water, even if it uses floral foam.
  • Immediately remove dead or wilting leaves and stems from fresh flower arrangements.
  • Change your water when it starts getting cloudy.
  • When changing water, cut flower stems ends at a 45° angle to help them re-absorb fresh water.
  • If your florist sent floral preservative packets, use them when changing water by following the instructions.

Perhaps you’re needing tips for houseplant care?

The most important part of caring for Valentine’s Day flowers is loving them and remembering the reason you received them: out of love.

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  1. very wonderful tips… Thank you for sharing

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