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3 Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Involving Chocolate, Flowers, and Wine

Chocolate that tasty little mood-lifting relaxing treat seems to be the focus of everyone’s attention at the moment. In fact, the latest issue of Fine Cooking has an interesting article featuring the pairing of wine and chocolate.

The combination of wine and chocolate creates a sensuous pleasure for our taste buds. A little port wine with a piece of dark chocolate is a culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed and one of my favorites. Fine Cooking pairs different kinds of chocolates with the appropriate wine to ensure a delicious experience. But, wine isn’t the only thing you can pair with chocolate to create a sensory delight. Pleasure is multiplied when you include more than one sense. Pairing flowers with chocolate involves our sense of smell, taste and sight – a triple indulgence.

The Flower Shop Network February newsletter, The Mystique of Chocolate & Flowers, describes the allure of pairing flowers with chocolate particularly for Valentine’s Day. Guys or gals looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas will find a multitude in this newsletter. Creating the ultimate romance with chocolates and flowers is detailed in length; all you have to do is go for it.

With all this talk of pairing chocolate with flowers and wine, it occurred to me the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift lies somewhere between the Fine Cooking article and the FSN newsletter. Flowers, wine and chocolate – what more could your sweetheart ask for? You might ask, shouldn’t the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift appeal to all of the senses? With the right combination of wine, flowers and chocolate – bells will go off and hearts will be touched. So, here are three ways to combine wine, flowers and chocolate to achieve the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift this year:

The ultimate luxury Valentine’s Day gift idea – Send a dozen red roses and a large box of milk chocolates to your sweetheart; include a note suggesting an evening sharing the milk chocolates over a bottle of Pinot Noir.

The ultimate dreamy Valentine’s Day gift idea – Send a bouquet of ‘Stargazer’ Lilies to your sweetheart; include a note suggesting an evening viewing the stars while sharing a semi-sweet chocolate mousse and a bottle of Shiraz.

The ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea – Meet your sweetheart at the door with a silver tray containing a vase of tulips, two glasses of a fine ruby port and a bowl of gourmet bittersweet truffles. Be sure to whisper, “Just a little something for the finest two lips in the world”.

With these ultimate Valentine’s Day gift ideas, amore will definitely be in the air along with the aroma of fresh flowers, the taste of chocolate and wine, the expression of love and the warmth of the heart. The possibilities are endless and I’m sure everyone has their own ultimate combination. So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner – let your imagination go wild with flowers, chocolate and wine.

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