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Valentine’s Day Romance Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming right up on February 14th, romance is in the air. For men, women, and rotund, winged-cherubs alike, it’s the time for expressing our love and affection for those who are most important to us. And naturally enough, sending flowers is one of the best romance ideas of all.

Flowers Make A Lasting Impression

Surveys conducted by the Society of American Florists indicate that 84% of women remember the last time they got flowers. So guys, if you want to make a lasting impression on your romantic partner, flowers are a clear choice. Perhaps surprisingly, the same SAF surveys showed that men place a high value on romance; more than 85% believe that simple romantic gestures such as giving flowers are important to a relationship. Saying “I love you” has become a fundamental sign of masculinity as men are becoming emotional heroes as well as action heroes. A clue to the ladies: your men enjoy receiving flowers too!

Roses Are The Most Romantic Flowers of All

Roses for Romance!Flowers, of course, are the universal symbol of romance… an idea which has long withstood the test of time. They touch the hearts of all of us, and we all know that roses are the most romantic flowers of all. Your local florist can offer you lots of choices among roses this year; check out the new variety, “Red Intuition”, which features clear red petals flecked with darker red markings….and exotic looking beauty! Or the dramatic “Black Magic”, with luxurious, velvety petals in a dark burgundy hue.

Valentines Day Flowers (That Aren’t Roses)

Beyond the traditional roses, bouquets of fresh spring flowers can present more possibilities for romance ideas. Tulips, freesia, iris, daffodils and hyacinths are abundant at this time of year and can bring a bright burst of color to the hearts of your loved ones. Many of these blossoms are sweetly fragranced as well. Ask your florist to include a rose or two in the arrangement, or send it along with a small box of candy or a cuddly teddy bear to underscore your romantic message.

When To Send Valentines Day Flowers

Consider sending your flowers early in the week especially if they’re being delivered to a place of work so they can be admired and enjoyed for several days more. That will help ensure a timely delivery, avoiding the last-minute crunch of Valentine’s Day itself, and ratcheting up the envy factor among your beloved’s co-workers… public pronouncements of love are always effective.

Go Above & Beyond With Valentines Day Flowers

More romantic floral notions: have flowers waiting on the breakfast table or on the car seat before work; have a centerpiece delivered to a restaurant in advance of a Valentine dinner; hide a ring box or a bracelet within a fresh floral bouquet; or send theater tickets tucked into a basket of blossoms.

Your local florist can help you with other ideas for romance. Don’t wait until the last minute….call or visit soon and let Cupid’s arrows fly.

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