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Name This Baby Blue Flower With Needle-like Foliage

Ask the Expert: Identify flowering plant
I have this plant in my garden. It has long, about 18\” tall, stems that have very thin, like pine needles, green leaves all the way up the stem. It has baby blue flowers, 4 or 5 petals per stem, about 1″ wide. It blooms from April through summer and flowers close up in late afternoon. When they die off in the late Summer-Fall there are small rounds pods that have little seeds separated by pod sections, like in oranges. I don’t have a picture, wish I did, as it would probably make your search alot easier. Thanks for any help that you can
give me. Terry


Phlox Austromontana Photo By Thomas Stoughton

Phlox Austromontana Photo By Thomas Stoughton

Yes a picture would help. So, I’ve found one that can help us narrow the choices. This is Phlox austromontana or Mountain Phlox. It can have light blue flowers and has a needle like foliage. I found the photo on the Cal’s Photo website and the photographer was Thomas Stockton. Does your plant look anything like this one? If not we’ll try another route.


  1. Sorry, no it’s not a Phlox….I guess I’ll have to take a pic of it and have my husband download it for me…I’m not that great at downloading pics. Thanks for your help.


  2. The foliage description is throwing me off. Do you mean the leaves look like pine needles – ling and slender or more like the texture of the pine needles?

  3. I have a large leaf green plant with prickley stock, little blue flowers, bees love it, grows hardy most of the year, comes back. Looks like borage but the blue flowers do not droop. Can you tell me what it is?

  4. Sunday,

    I have tried to figure this out, but really need a picture to identify.

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