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Flower Spotlight: Orchid

Orchids are fascinating flowering plants that carry much history and symbolism. The display of elegance and grace, make it the perfect gift for any occasion! If you don’t already love this exotic bloom, you will!

Origin & Symbolism

The Orchidaceae family is made up of over 28,000 species and 100,000 varieties of orchids, some of which are native to regions of Asia and Australia but can be found everywhere in the world. Ancient Greeks thought of orchids as symbols of fertility, believing that orchids with large roots symbolized a male child and those with short roots a female child. Other civilizations, like the Aztecs, were known to mix vanilla orchids with chocolate, creating an elixir to stimulate strength and power.

Orchids as Medicine

In Chinese medicine, orchids continue to be used for their healing properties in the form of tea. Many believe dendrobium possess medicinal traits that treat cancer and help strengthen the immune system. Other types of orchids, such as vanda tessellate, eulophia campestris, orchis latifolia, and vanda roxburghii, are also known to contain antibacterial substances that treat a variety of illnesses. Despite all these claims though, there isn’t enough evidence or research to prove orchids, in fact, possess these medicinal properties.

Colors & Meanings

Purple: Respect and admiration

Lavender: Grace and elegance

Blue: Rarity and spirituality

Pink: Happiness and innocence

Yellow: New beginnings and friendship

White: Innocence and purity

Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered where vanilla extract comes from? Orchids! The extract we all use to bake cakes and other delicious sweet treats comes from the orchid called Vanilla planifolia. This species of orchid is native to Mexico and Central America.

Phalaenopsis orchids are the most popular species due to their “ability to thrive indoors”.


Orchids have gained much popularity in today’s society for their stunning beauty and variety of colors. Surprise your boss with this flowering plant or spoil mom with a beautiful arrangement of purple dendrobium orchids. You can find different varieties all year long!  

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