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Martha Sheldon Florist’s Unique Casket Design

Martha Sheldon Florist's Unique Casket Design

This post was shared with us by Audry Hurd, GMF, designer at Martha Sheldon Florist in Eastman, GA.

“This was requested for a sister, from brothers who lost her at 31 years old. They wanted something to express her originality.

They wanted to do something different, and I had done one like this before. I had shown them a pic and they fell in love with it. She was wearing pink and the casket was white with gold trim. So I said I would find material to compliment it.  Little did I know that I would find material to have it all matching perfectly.

I really like doing something unique as much as I can, and talk to the family members about their loved one to see if I can feel what kind of person they were. I can then show that love from the family through flowers.”

Casket flowers are traditionally a large, round display. Audry shows us that with fabric and a little imagination, you can certainly create something unique to match anyone’s personality.

Creating A Casket Blanket

Ask the Expert: I would like to make a casket blanket to drape ove
to drape over the casket and then left on the fresh dirt after to closing of the grave.  I do not want to use chicken wire and scratch the coffin.  Can’t I use crowning glory and just glue the flowers and greenery onto something soft? Suzy

Bloomin Blog Reply:

Although I have never seen one – let alone make one, the term casket blanket does appear in the AFID Guide to Floral Design – Casket Blanket: a floral blanket design of plant materials constructed on heavy fabric and to drape over the casket, usually covering all sides.  Great definition but what does that mean.

I assume that means you can use a fabric like burlap and fasten plant material to it by means of sewing, stapling or gluing. You will probably want to use foliage and flowers that can hold up with out a water source. Hopefully you can create the blanket, shortly before it is needed.

Unfortunately, I can’t be more helpful. However, I am placing this question on our Flower Shop Network Facebook page to see if other florists have a better idea.