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Houseplants For Earth Day: Reminders To Use The 3 R’s!

Earth Day is a special holiday which we celebrate our wonderful Mother Earth. Everything we are, we owe to the earth and it’s resources. The wood that’s in our houses, the metal in our cars, the glass in our windows, even the plastic in our water bottles are made from resources we’ve mastered here on earth. This is why Earth Day is such an important celebration; to remind us to be thankful of what we have and to practice the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle!) to ensure our resources for future generations.


English Ivy HouseplantA great way to celebrate Earth Day is to bring the wonderful creations of earth indoors. A houseplant is a great way to remind yourself to practice the 3 R’s daily around the house! Getting into a habit of earth friendliness is always a good thing. In addition to their eco-goodness, houseplants are a beautiful addition to any indoor space. By the use of color and texture you can instantly change the look and mood of a room!

How To Select The Perfect Houseplant

When selecting your houseplant, consider the conditions of the room or area they will be growing. What type of lighting does it have? How is the humidity? All are factors needed for your plant to be comfortable and thrive. You should also consider how much care and time you have available to give to your houseplant. Some plants are happy as they are and require very little supervision, but some require much more care. When buying a houseplant from a quality source, such as your local florist, explain to them what you can offer your houseplant and they will suggest the perfect new plant just for you!

FSN also offers a great resource when it comes to houseplants. Our Houseplant Care & Information page has many of the common houseplants listed with their care and information explained by our experts.

Houseplant Toxicity – Be sure to consider your pets when buying a houseplant. Many common houseplants are toxic and harmful to pets. Check out our houseplant toxicity list before buying your new plant.

Here Are 3 Main Types Of Houseplants
Green Houseplants
| Tropical Houseplants |
Flowering Houseplants

Green Houseplants Tropical Houseplant Flowering Houseplant

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Ask The Expert: What Is This ‘Uniquely Twisted’ Houseplant?

Ask The Expert: This woody, palmate, rounded lance-shaped leaf plant grew out of a viney, heart-shaped alternate-leafed pathos.  More than once.  This is the only one I saved.  My friend has one about six feet tall, and she said it was an “elephant- bush”, or something, but I can’t find anything like it.  The trunk is uniquely twisted, or meandering.  The other identifying info on the trunk is that it is layered, like some palms, like a grass. -David

Dwarf Umbrella Tree - Schefflera arboricola

Flower Shop Network‘s Plant Expert Reply: David, what I believe you have there is a Schefflera actinophylla (also called Brassica actinophylla), also know as “green Schefflera” or “octopus tree.” A hardy, evergreen shrub that is popular as a houseplant. It can withstand tough conditions making it perfect for any living arrangement. A green Schefflera in good condition looks more like this:

Green Schefflera House Plant

You said your friend’s green Schefflera tree is ‘uniquely twisted’, this is not surprising. This type of tree is easy to shape and lends itself well to bonsai art.

This plant flourishes in a lot of light. Green Schefflera require an evenly moist environment. Water moderately during growth and keep only moist to the touch in winter. For more, go to Green Schefflera House Plant Care and Information.

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