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3 Ways to Blossom Up Valentine’s Day!

We’ve put together a list of 3 ways to blossom up Valentine’s Day with flowers. Below you can read about 3 romantic gestures you can do with flowers to express your love.

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10 Weird Facts About Gerbera Daisies

Being the fifth most popular cut flower in the world, gerberas are a sight to see. They have a long vase life and a wide array of color options. While this flower has gained widespread popularity, there are still many surprising facts left to discover. Keep reading and see if you learn something new about the Gerbera Daisy.

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How to Buy Eco-Friendly Flowers for Your Wedding

Many couples that hold eco-friendly lifestyles are opting for simple and conservative weddings rather than extravagant and expensive events. Brides are looking for ways to choose eco-friendly wedding flowers without compromising their dream look. Learn how to make your celebration an eco-friendly one by using local, in-season flowers.

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The Best Fragrant Flowers For Your Home

Instead of relying on artificial air fresheners and sprays to make your house smell sweet and clean, try something more natural. The aroma that comes from fresh flowers can’t be beat. See how their refreshing scent can make entire rooms (yes, even your son’s room) smell like you are walking into a field of blooming flowers. Here are five of the sweetest smelling flowers for your home.


Many people compare the fragrance of freesia to strawberries or other fresh fruit. This trumpet-shaped flower is also described to have intriguing undertones of honey and mint.


The intoxicating smell of gardenias is pleasing to most people, but overwhelming to some. Their scent is typically compared to thick orange-blossom honey. If you have a room that is especially stinky, try a flower arrangement filled with gardenias!

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Flower Spotlight: Rose

The rose has been a classic symbol of love for many years. This bloom has earned the title of the most popular flower in the world. Many countries rely on the rose as a vital source of income. Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

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10 Weird Facts About Alstroemeria

We see alstroemeria in flower arrangements all the time. Their beautiful striped petals have a special way of lighting up a room! There are some weird facts about this flower that make it extremely unique. Keep reading to find out, you might be surprised at what you learn!

1. Alstroemeria is commonly called the Peruvian Lily,  Lily of the Incas or the Parrot Lily.

2. Not all Alstroemeria have striped petals.

3. Alstroemeria is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune!

4. Alstroemeria stops producing flowers if they get too hot.

5. Alstroemeria flowers have no fragrance. (Great flower if you have any pollen allergies!)

6. There are about 50 species of alstroemeria.

7. The flower is named after the Swedish botanist Baron Klas Van Alstroemer who collected the seeds on a trip to Spain in 1783.

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Flower Spotlight: Gladiolus

Beautiful and sophisticated the gladiolus flower stands tall and is packed with symbolism. This trumpet-shaped flower has much to offer florists and flower enthusiasts. Keep reading to learn more about this unique bloom!

Origins and Symbolism

The gladiolus flower originates in sub-Saharan Africa, but in the 17th century it was brought to Europe in large quantities. Due to this flower’s long thick stems it is also referred to as the “sword lily.” The term gladiolus actually stems from the Latin word gladiolus, which means sword. Old legends say that the gladiolus came from the swords of fallen Roman gladiators. Even today, people say that receiving this flower means that you have been, “pierced with love.”

This flower symbolizes remembrance, strength of character and dignity. It is also associated with the 40th anniversary.

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Allergy Friendly Flowers

If you suffer from allergies you probably tend to shy away from purchasing fresh cut flowers for your home. What many people don’t know though is that there are actually some flowers with very low pollen levels that won’t trigger the itchy eyes and a runny nose. See what flowers are safe for your home and which ones you should be avoiding!

Allergy Friendly

Allergy friendly flowers are actually more common than you think. This list is full of very commonly used, gorgeous flowers that are popular in every local flower shop!

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Pay it Forward with Flowers


Almost everybody enjoys receiving gifts.  It’s a natural way to brighten someone’s day when they are feeling down.  What most people don’t realize, giving feels as good, if not better than, receiving.

 The concept of paying it forward is nothing new.  Most of us have even participated.  That’s what National Give Something Away Day is all about.  Gather up those old clothes in your closet and take them to a charity.  Leave a little something in your mailbox for the mail carrier.  It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy.

hello sunshine

Hello Sunshine Arrangement

Today is also a great reason to give flowers.  Stop by and see your local florist.  Buy a bouquet (or two) of daisies, roses, or whatever your florist has available.  Now you have everything you need to brighten multiple people’s day!  Walk down the street or visit local businesses, and give them away, one-by-one.  If you have a few left, stop in at a hospital or nursing home and leave them for the employees or residents.   A simple thank you and a pretty bloom can make a big difference.  It’s that easy!

Celebrate National Give Something Away Day by paying it forward with flowers!


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3 Plants Likely to Survive the Office

3 Plants Likely to Survive the Office

I am now the proud owner of a Phalaenopsis Orchid.  My husband bought this gorgeous plant for my desk.  The first weekend I left it, I knew I was going to come back to a dead plant.  So far, it has survived.  I’ve decided to name it Ollie the Office Orchid, and it has inspired me to write about other plants to brighten your office space.  

Heartfelt Philodendronheartfelt philodendron

The Heartfelt Philodendron is easy to care for and is a classic houseplant.  The luscious leaves are heart shaped, and it can be grown in a pot or hanging basket.  It likes to climb, so it will need a stake or trellis if in a pot.  This is a low maintenance plant that can survive in low light with a moderate amount of water.  

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