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FSN’s Top Ten Father’s Day Bouquets

Father’s Day is almost here and there’s still time to send some handsome flowers to your dad! Flowers are the perfect gift for your dad to show him how grateful you are for everything he does for you. Check out our top ten Father’s Day arrangements for 2021: [Read more…]

June Card Messages

Want to send flowers this month, but aren’t exactly sure what to say? We’re here to help! Check out some card messages for June holidays. [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Send in June

June is the perfect month to send flowers! With warm weather and summertime in full swing, there couldn’t be a better time to celebrate. There are lots of reasons you can send flowers this June, but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few to make it easier on you! [Read more…]

Why Should You Send Dad Flowers for Father’s Day?

Flowers for Mother’s Day are a no brainer. Flowers for Father’s Day? Not so much.  Why is that? Flowers adorn a man’s lapel when he gets married. They are often sent to the family (not just the mom) when a new baby is born, and flowers will accompany a man when he is laid to rest. These shouldn’t be the only times it is acceptable for a man to receive flowers. [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Send June ’17

June isn’t the busiest holiday month, however, it still has its fair share of reasons to send. This month we look to honor some very important people, celebrate the official start to summer, and spread beauty. Every day brings a new start and a new day to be thankful for the ones we love. A great way to show that love is a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers. [Read more…]

Searching for a Father’s Day Gift? Ask the Professionals!

Father’s Day is coming and although he may not show it, your dad is excited to see what his children (or loving spouse) are going to do. Dad’s have feelings too and they like to be recognized for the hard work they do.

Don’t buy him another pack of socks and a tie.
This is the person who taught you how to ride a bike, who held your hand when you broke your arm, who cheered you on as you rounded the baseline and consoled you after your first break-up. After everything dad has done for you, he deserves an amazing gift!

It’s time to think outside of the box.
Yes, I’m talking about your local florist. Florists are professionals at designing customized gifts. They have years of experience at making holidays one to remember. A local florist can be trusted to put together the perfect arrangement to wow your dad.

Customize His Arrangement
Most florists can create an arrangement of flowers with your dad’s favorite team’s colors as well as use themed accessories for any of the different major sports. Want a golf theme? They can do it! Football? You bet. Baseball, basketball, tennis, and hockey? Check, check, check, and check! A quick phone call should answer any questions you have and ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Gift Baskets
What dad wouldn’t like to receive a basket full of their favorite sweets and snacks? Whether salty snacks, chocolate snacks or tasty fruit, your local florist has it! Gift baskets are a great way to compliment a gift you have already purchased, or they can stand on their own merits as a solo gift.

Air-Cleansing Plants
Does dad have a shop, a workbench in the garage, or a man cave?  Nothing helps clean the air in a musty, man-permeated space quite like a living plant.  A plant will give your paterfamilias an actual task to perform so he doesn’t have to simply putter around, and it will provide him with something to talk to when he is working alone. The wide variety of plants available will guarantee that you find something compatible with your dad and his favorite hangout spot.

Visit your local florist this Father’s Day
You can’t get more personal than a flower arrangement designed specifically with your dad in mind. Call your local florist today to see what they can do for you and your dad. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Find A Florist

June Newsletter: Give Props to Your Pops!


It’s Fathers Day and Dad is ready to be shown the love!

June is the month to celebrate fathers and all they do. It’s an opportunity to show them how grateful we are for every bike they fixed and every toy they put together on Christmas morning. It’s a chance to say, “Thanks, Dad, for always being there when I needed a helping hand.” And what better way to show Dad you love him than a gorgeous arrangement or vibrant plant? So give Dad some heartfelt gratitude this year. Give him flowers.

Happy Fathers Day! [Read more…]

Say “Happy Father’s Day” with Your Local Florist!


Father’s Day is this Sunday, but if you hurry there’s still time to order some mind-blowing flowers from your local florist. And your local florist is definitely the place go for floral arrangements that will wow your dad. Why? Because you can speak to these men and women directly, and they will be able to put together something unique that reflects your dad’s personal interests.

Glad You're My DadPot O' SunflowersBlazing Orange Lilies

Customizing Your Experience

Is your dad a sports fan? An arrangement put together using his favorite team’s colors or even paraphernalia that you’ve brought to your florist is the perfect gift! Bring in a baseball, golf ball or even golf tee for a more sport-specific arrangement, or just ask the florist to do a design that looks like one of those things. What?! Yes, these talented artists can do creative and interesting designs that mimic something in the real world or comes from the depths of the florist’s mind. Come by and let them open your eyes to the world of possibilities inherent in a floral arrangement from your local florist.

High-Style HorsetailFlowers of DistinctionFather's Love

So don’t wait any longer. Contact your florist for some fantastic Father’s Day flowers!

5 Unforgettable Father’s Day Card Messages


You’ve decided to buy flowers for your dad this Father’s Day, (Good choice!) but what are you going to say on the card? It’s not always easy to find the right words. It’s even more difficult when you’re standing in front of the clerk with a pen in her hand ready to jot down what you have to say. And that’s why I’m here to help. Take a look below for a list of heartfelt messages to help you convey your love and adoration for the man who was always there when you needed him, Dad.

Glad You're My DadFather Knows BestFather's Love

Father’s Day Card Messages

  1. To he who scared the monsters under my bed, held me when I was sick and taught me everything a man should be, Happy Father’s Day!
  2. I want you to know that though you’ve always been my biggest fan, offering love and support at every turn, today it’s my turn to stand and cheer for you. Love you, Dad.
  3. You’ve fixed cars, hung ceiling fans and repaired leaky faucets. Thank you for always being there. Happy Father’s Day!
  4.  To a man who always made a hard job look easy. Happy Father’s Day!
  5. You’re voice sometimes hardened in correction,
    and I often balked at your direction,
    but as I look back it’s clear to see
    your words were filled with love for me.

Use these messages in part or in whole, or allow them to inspire you to find your own words. When choosing your flowers this Father’s Day, don’t forget to shop at your local florist!

Have A Floral Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming, and though he may not show it, Dad is very excited to see what his loving children (or loving spouse) are going to do. He may seem uninterested. He may tell you it’s no big deal. Believe me, it’s a bluff. We may not always like to let them shine, but dads have feelings too. Dads like me are happy to be recognized for the hard work we do, and your appreciation makes all the difference in the world to us.

And what’s a beautiful way to show that appreciation? Flowers!

Floral Father’s Day Gifts

  1. Personalized Flowers – When you buy flowers from a local florist, you aren’t stuck choosing from a preselected list of options. Instead, you have the freedom to request a variety of different options and styles that will speak to your dad. Does he have a favorite sports team? Get an arrangement using their colors as a theme!
    And because you chose local, you can ask the florist to incorporate another gift you may have already purchased into the arrangement! If your dad is a NASCAR fan and you’ve bought a model car of his favorite driver, let the florist use that as the focal point of her custom piece. Golf fan? New balls or even tees look fantastic in a gorgeous, hand-designed floral arrangement.
  2. Gift Baskets – There is little better when attempting to please your dad on Father’s Day than a basket full of his favorite snacks. You can get fruit, chocolate, salty goodies, whatever strikes his fancy. And when gift-giving time comes around, you will get the smile you crave. Because what dad doesn’t love to eat?
  3. Living Plants – Does your dad have a shop? Maybe he likes to kick around the garage in the evening and tinker. Regardless of where he does it, if your dad works with greasy tools he needs a live plant to help liven up that smelly work space. It can help clean the air and provide some much needed visual improvement.
    Or maybe your dad is more the office type. Does he spend his work or downtime in front of the computer? Once again, you can’t go wrong with a living plant. It can clean the air in this space as well, and it’s almost no hassle at all to care for!

So don’t forget the first man in your life. Stop by your local florist and give dad a floral Father’s Day.